NPR interviews locals on
COVID-19 & living with Asbestos

By Moira Blazi

Last Week NPR producer Nate Hegyi was in town interviewing local residents for a radio show about the affects of COVID-19 on folks who are living with Asbestosis.

Producing content for the  Mountain West News Bureau, Hegyi’s stories are distributed to a consortium of independent radio stations and air regularly on Kaiser Health News .Hegyi says this particular story is likely to air on either Morning Edition, or All Things Considered, two very popular NPR daily news shows that can be heard locally on KPFL 90.5  FM.

Hegyi spoke with several local residents, including Doug Shaw, Frank Fahland, and Gayla Benefield, as well as Julie Kendal at Cabinet view Medical Center, and Tracy McNew at the CARD Clinic.

In her interview, Benefield pointed out that folks living with Asbestosis also have immune systems that are “Out of whack”, and so are highly susceptible to infections like COVID-19. She is still very active, golfing and bowling regularly, but Benefield, like many others in our area, has to use supplemental oxygen.

Although she has survived lung cancer Benefield told Hegyi,” I know that if I got this virus, it would be a death sentence.”

Rural, mountain west life has been a focus of Hegyi’s for some time, having just recently completed a 900 mile bike ride from Shelby, Mont. Sandpoint Ida., and talking to folks in small and medium town all along the way.

Look for this story coming sometime in September, on Morning Edition, or All Things Considered, which airs every day at 5:00PM, both heard on KPFL 90.5. FM.

Daisy Troop #3355 2020 Girl Scout Day Camp

A handful of the 13 girls who make up Daisy Troop #3355 in Libby posed for a moment of posterity as they wrapped up their 2020 Girl Scout Day Camp activities and prepared to head home from the heat on Tuesday, August 18. Each had decorated a photo frame utilizing supplies donated by Libby resident and former Girl Scout, Denise McBrider. Pictured are Jocelynn Chumley, Keyleigh DeWitt, Kassi Gibson and Kiley Haymaker, along with their troop leaders Lynn Zimmerman (L) and Krissy Chumley (R).

Cabinet View Women’s Golf League Results

The Cabinet View Women’s Golf League had a fun day playing “Criers”, where you deduct your worst hole from your net score on Wednesday, August 19.  Anna Guthrie and Dee Wright tied for Group A winners, and Connie Stantus won Group B.  Dee Wright had Low Gross in Group A and Phyll Mackey in Group B.  Anna Guthrie won Low Net in Group A and Connie Stantus in Group B.  Christa Reisinger had a birdie on Hole 11.

Submitted by Shirley Chase