FVCC receives grants for


development and remote




Flathead Valley Community College has received $387,500 for two new projects that support workforce development and remote education delivery in Montana. The funding comes from Montana’s portion of the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund (GEERF), which was established earlier this year by the Education Stabilization Fund through the CARES Act.

In partnership with Miles Community College (MCC), FVCC was awarded $67,500 to deliver FVCC’s paramedicine degree program on the MCC campus beginning next fall semester. Rural students in Eastern Montana will take paramedicine courses online and remotely while participating in hands-on lab and clinical work in Miles City.

FVCC also received $320,000 to build two remote learning and workforce centers, one on the Kalispell campus and one on the Lincoln County Campus in Libby. The coordinated centers will focus on developing and delivering courses in the trades and industrial arts, beginning with electrical technology and commercial driver’s license (CDL) programs.

“With ample opportunities for expansion into the additional trades programs currently available on FVCC’s Kalispell campus, coordinated Remote Learning and Workforce Centers will improve the quality and quantity of workforce training FVCC can provide to remote areas of our service region,” FVCC Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs Chris Clouse said.

On the Kalispell campus, an existing building will be expanded to house the center, which will be equipped with smart projectors and laptops loaded with specialized software. For students who need to participate in classes remotely and have limited access to technology, the center will check out hotspots and laptops.

On the Lincoln County Campus, the center will be include space for hands-on training, as well as a classroom component for both in-person teaching and for receiving remote instruction from instructors at the Kalispell center.

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Cabinet View

Women’s Golf

The Cabinet View Women’s Golf met September 23, 2020 for their final round of golf.  The game of the day was “Even’s Out”.  Pat Neils won Group A, and Shirley Chase took Group B.  Low Gross winners were Pat Neils Group A and Shirley Chase Group B.  Low Net winners were Nancy Hull in Group A and Marilee Brown in Group B.  Pat Neils had a chip-in on hole number 12.

Submitted by Shirley Chase



CPMC sleep study

program to

receive grant from the


An occasional bad night’s sleep is no cause for concerns, but a continued sleep disorder can affect your health and the quality of your waking hours. It is estimated that 40 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders, and an additional 20-30 million are affected by intermittent sleep-related problems. What is shocking is that an overwhelming majority of sleep disorders remain undiagnosed and untreated.
There are more than 84 disorders related to sleep that can lead to a lower quality of life and diminished health. CPMC offers help to the sleepless through their Sleep Center. The center is an AASM accredited sleep-rated, breathing disorder laboratory complete with state-of-the-art technology and professionally trained sleep technicians who are committed to providing high quality and reliable sleep diagnostic analysis.

In order to make these studies more effective for parts of the population, the CPMC Foundation has purchased a large FatBoy recliner for the program and its patients. The recliner is an electric lift chair that has a 500-pound capacity.

Alan Carmigini, CPMC Sleep Lab Manager, explains, “Many of our patients that have sleep problems cannot sleep on a flat bed. Allowing them to sleep in a recliner, similar to how they sleep at home, not only provides comfort for them but also allows the study to get the results needed from 6-8 hours of sleep.”

“We are truly grateful to the Foundation and their willingness to not only help our patients with the purchase of the recliner, but also for our Sleep Tech’s. It will assist the tech’s in lifting patients to their feet without strain on their backs.”

Submitted by           Kate Stephens



Become a member of the Pony Club

Interested in Becoming a Member of The Pony Club? Whether you area seasoned rider or new to the world of horses, the Pony Club provides a foundation to soar at all levels of pleasure riding and competition. With an international base of members, one can literally travel the world and find fellow Pony Club family. The Glacier Pony Club of the Kalispell area is offering Libby and its surrounding areas the opportunity to form an adjunct club. The Pony Club, established in 1954 to teach riding and proper care of horses. In addition to foundational knowledge on basic horsemanship, Pony Club also provides opportunity to explore both Western and English techniques with opportunities to engage in O’Moksee gaming, dressage, western pleasure, hunter/jumper, vaulting and WE riding amidst the long-list of benefits to be found. Those interested in learning more about this open opportunity for all ages (including adults) across the greater Libby and Troy area are encouraged to contact Sarah Hogan at 293-0899 for more information on how to become involved.

By Stacy Bender, The Montanian






Mountain groomer

campaign fundraiser kickoff

Bruce Zwang the president of the Kootenai Winter Sports Ski Education Foundation, Inc. DBA Turner Mountain Ski Resort is seen here receiving a $1000.00 check from Lydia Mysse, Venture Inn Manager and Paul Bunn, Owner, to help kickoff Turner Mountain’s campaign to help finance a new groomer. The groomer is one of the most critical pieces of equipment to keep our ski hill in top condition. Turner Mountain currently has a 15-year-old groomer and a 20-year-old groomer that have seen better days. This groomer will ensure that Turner Mountain’s slopes are kept in great shape for our downhill skiers.

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cheri meyer

Bruce Zwang the president of the Kootenai Winter Sports Ski Education Foundation, Inc. DBA Turner Mountain Ski Resort is seen here receiving a $1000.00 check from Lydia Mysse, Venture Inn Manager and Paul Bunn, Owner, to help kickoff Turner Mountain’s campaign to help finance a new groomer. Photo courtesy  of cheri meyer.