Turkey Dash
Libby Food Pantry & Kootenai

Koats for Kids


2020 Turkey Dash supports Libby Food Pantry and Kootenai Kiwanis Koats for Kids. Photos courtesy of Turkey DASH.


Top 3 Finishers for 2020 Turkey Dash
(Dashing past every record held in 2019.

Women’s Winners:
Bella Hollingsworth 24:10 (2019 Time to Beat: 31.35)
Kim Sloan  24:31 (2019 Time to Beat: 33.59)
Emily Michoud 25:31 (2019 Time to Beat: 34.49)

Men’s Winners:
Michael Hollingsworth 20:59 (2019 Time to Beat: 24.40)
Gabriel Hollingsworth 21:02 (2019 Time to Beat: 36.20)
Garrett Detrick (2019 Time to Beat: 36.29)

Youth Winners:
Porter Hollingsworth 28:10 (Broke Personal 2019 Record of 31:35)
Micah Peterson 28:21 (2019 Time to Beat 33.34)
Caleb Peterson 32:07 (2019 Time to Beat 33.57)

Continued from Page 1, By Stacy Bender, The Montanian.

November is
National Aviation month

By Stacy Bender

So how does one go about actively exploring the Nationally Registered, annually designated month-long period of time which has been earmarked to celebrate the world of aviation?
Read a book, visit a museum, talk to a pilot, go for a ride, listen to a podcast, watch a video, find an upcoming airshow near you.  Or… take a drive out Farm to Market Road and enjoy the incredible views of the Cabinet Mountains while learning about one of the Northwest’s most beautiful landing strips right here in Libby, MT.

Libby Airport sits at an elevation of 2,601 ft.  With a runway 5,000 ft long and 75 ft wide, the

local aviation facility is open to the public and requires no landing fee.
To the naked eye, a fairly serene and quiet landing base. For those who stop to inquire, perhaps a chance encounter with one of several storied pilots who cruise the runways nearly undetected.
Want to learn more?  Stay tuned to The Montanian for more “behind the scenes” history and knowldege about Libby’s uniquely intriguing aviation hub.