book sale

The Libby Friends of the Library will have its next monthly book sale on Friday, Oct. 4, at the Libby Library from 10 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Due to the large number of donations received, they have added hundreds of books for all ages, both fiction and non-fiction.

They have, again this month, set up five new tables featuring books from popular adult fiction writers (last names “M” through “Z”). They have also done some rearranging to accommodate all the new books in our collection, so come see what’s new.

All money made at book sales goes back to support programs at your library.

Submitted by Libby Friends of the Library


Libby CWD

detections now up to nine deer

Two additional white-tailed deer in the Libby area are suspected to be positive of chronic wasting disease.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks collected samples from the white-tailed bucks as part of a game damage hunt on private property on the west side of Libby near the Kootenai River. The Veterinary Diagnostic Lab at Colorado State University in Fort Collins tested the samples and identified them to be suspected of CWD infection. They will run second tests for confirmation.

If confirmed, the new results mark nine detections of CWD out of 123 (7%) samples submitted for testing in the Libby area this year. The positive detections have all involved white-tailed deer.

In response to the CWD detections, FWP has established the Libby CWD Management Zone, which encompasses roughly ten miles around the detection sites.

All deer, elk and moose harvested within the Libby CWD Management Zone must be checked and sampled within three days of harvest. Hunters who quarter or bone out their animal in the field must bring the head for sampling. This fall FWP will pay for sampling for hunters who collect their own samples and send them to the FWP lab in Bozeman. For more info on how to submit samples, visit fwp.mt.gov/cwd.

Before Oct. 26, hunters who successfully harvest an animal in the Libby CWD Management Zone are required to bring the head to the FWP Libby Office, 385 Fish Hatchery Rd. During general big game season (Oct. 26 to Dec. 1), the Libby Special CWD Hunt Sampling Station (Montana Department of Transportation shop on US Hwy 2, mile marker 35) will be open every day from 11 a.m. until 1½ hours after sunset. Hunters are only required to stop at the Sampling Station if they harvested an animal in the Libby CWD Management Zone. The Canoe Gulch Check Station will be open weekends from 11 a.m. until 1½ hours after sunset during the general season and all hunters, with or without game, passing the check station must stop.

Hunters will be required to document the exact location of the kill inside the Libby CWD Management Zone. Animals will be tagged with a unique identification number. Hunters can use that identification number to look up test results on the FWP website at fwp.mt.gov/CWD. Test results are usually available within three weeks. Hunters who harvest an animal that tests positive for CWD may receive a replacement 2019 license.

To reduce the spread of CWD, whole carcasses, whole heads or spinal columns cannot be taken out of the Libby CWD Management Zone unless the animal has tested negative for CWD. Hunters are strongly encouraged to dispose of hides, bones and trimmings at approved landfills such as the Lincoln County Landfill. The spinal column may be left at the kill site but require landowner permission if on private land. If the carcass is processed within the CWD Management Zone, any brain and spinal parts must be discarded in the Lincoln County Landfill.

Following the guidelines of Montana’s CWD Management Plan, FWP is scheduling a Special CWD Hunt in the Libby area this fall. FWP sold 600 white-tailed deer antlerless B licenses that can only be used in the Libby CWD Management Zone, which includes portions of Hunting Districts 100, 103, and 104. The hunt will occur at the same time as the archery and general hunting season and follow the same regulations for dates, weapon restrictions, and access.

Submitted by Dillon Tabish.




Temporary Employment applicants may need to reapply

Due to a number of issues, the majority of the temporary vacancy announcements for Region 1 (Montana, North Idaho and parts of North and South Dakota) posted in USAJobs.gov as of Sept. 16 are being cancelled and will be readvertised.

Applicants who applied to an announcement being cancelled should be notified to reapply.

New vacancy announcements are scheduled to open Sept. 30, through Oct. 14.  Please note the vacancy announcements not affected will still close Sept. 30. Applicants should check their applications in USAJobs.gov.

The Kootenai National Forest is recruiting for Aid and Technician positions, GS-1 through GS-7, in Forestry (Timber, Recreation, Trails, Fire (Engine, Handcrew, Helitack/Rappel, Fuels, etc.), Range (Weed Control) and Biology (Wildlife, Plants, Fisheries), Engineering, Laborer, Clerical, Archeology, etc. Other positions may also be available.

Interested applicants are encouraged to continue applying to the announcements that remained opened, as well as, prepare their profiles and applications for announcements that will reopen Sept. 30 in USAJobs.gov.

Once announcements become available, interested applicants will need to sign in to the announcement(s) they are interested in and apply. Assure you complete all steps as listed in announcement including all attachments moved into the vacancy announcement from your profile. Announcements will only be open for a short period of time (15 days) and applicants must specify locations where they are interested in working. For the Kootenai National Forest the locations will be Eureka, Libby, Troy and Trout Creek, Mont. Hardcopy applications will not be accepted.

There will be several vacancy announcements to apply to depending on an applicant’s interest and qualifications. When the announcements become available they will be located at www.usajobs. opm.gov. Some of the announcements may have limited number of applications that will be accepted.

Additional information, when available, may be found on the forest website at http://www.fs.usda.gov/kootenai

Submitted by Willie Sykes



remembers POWs/MIAs

On Friday, Sept. 20, V.F.W. members and Auxiliary of John E. Freeman Post 5514 in Troy gathered together to pay their respects and tributes to our heroes from all wars that were designated as Missing in Action or Prisoners of War.

The ceremony was open to the general public and everyone in the community was invited to attend.

As former Korean War P.O.W., Maurice Sharp once wrote “…the real heroes are those who didn’t return to enjoy the freedom they fought so hard to preserve.”

God bless our troops, and God bless America.

Submitted by Bill Lafrance, Senior Vice Commander




introduces Community Conversations

The Libby Area Chamber of Commerce invites anyone interested in Local Libby happenings to attend the Community Conversations event, Oct. 10 at the Dome Theater from 6:30 until 8:30 p.m. This is a free event to all.

Several active Chamber member organizations and businesses will take the stage to present to the community on their topic of choice. Presenters will be allowed five minutes to speak, followed by five minutes for questions and answers.

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact Myranda at the Chamber Office at 293-4167 or info@libbycham ber.org

Submitted by Myranda Cravens