Foundation announces Big Sky Bash event


The Center for Asbestos Related Disease Foundation hosted the 2nd Annual Cabin Fever Fest on February 8, 2020. The event featured the band JamShack, along with raffle baskets, a 50/50 drawing and a drawing for a two-person kayak. Donna Williams, CARD Foundation Board President, on behalf of the CARD Foundation members, would like to thank the businesses and communities of Libby, Eureka, and Troy for their giving spirit. With your help, we were able to raise $4,175, which is just over double the profit of last year!

This year, our fundraising focus is to raise $50,000 for a new digital software that could identify Libby’s asbestos related disease without human bias. Dr. Brad Black and Tracy McNew have been working with a software developer and radiologists to move digital imaging technology toward this goal. Initial work has been done to create the software, but there will need to be significant testing and improvements before it can be validated and used clinically. The funds would support ongoing work of students and faculty improving the program’s automated imaging analysis for detection of asbestos-related scarring. Once validated, radiologists would still read images as usual, but they would have a technologically advanced tool available to help reduce human error and improve consistency in interpretation. Improved consistency in imaging interpretation will benefit patients and healthcare providers alike.

Improving identification of Libby’s asbestos-related health effects radiologically has been an area of CARD’s research focus for a number of years. According to Dr. Black, Libby’s unique amphibole asbestos fibers induce scarring that appears more subtle radiologically than the more common asbestos-related scarring which results from exposure to chrysotile asbestos.

The CARD Foundation would like to announce that the 10th Annual Big Sky Bash will be held Saturday, July 11, 2020 at J Neils Memorial Park. This year’s headliner is Hotel California, a salute to the Eagles is the ONLY show with Official Authorization to perform the Eagles catalog of music. www.hotelcal.com
Opening for Hotel California will be Hell’s Belles, an all-female
AC/DC Tribute Band. https://www.hellsbelles.info/
Ticket info will be available soon!

Submitted by Donna Williams


Temporary restriction on sale of E-Cigarettes

Last fall, the Montana Department of Health and Human Services (DPHHS) announced an emergency rule temporarily restricting the sale of flavored e-cigarette products in Montana.

On December 13, 2019, the Department announced that the 120-day restriction would enter into effect on December 18, 2019. The rules entered into effect on that date, after a Montana district court judge lifted an injunction on their enforcement.

The Department reminds the public that the rules are currently in effect and will be for a 120-day period that began on December 18, 2019. The temporary rules expire on April 15, 2020.

The temporary restrictions include the sale of all flavored e-cigarette products, including flavored nicotine, THC, and CBD e-cigarette products, in-store and online. The rules do not require retailers to destroy their existing inventory.

Information about the restrictions has been made available on the DPHHS website. The website provides guidance on how the emergency rules are being enforced, including through citizen complaints and inspections of retailers by local health officials. The information includes a Frequently Asked Questions for retailers.

DPHHS also developed an online system to accept citizen complaints at https://dphhs.mt.gov/publichealth/mtupp/vapingcomplaintform. To date, DPHHS has received 32 complaints.

Submitted by DPHHS



Rotarians provide

water to


Clean water is a fundamental human right but billions of people around the world live without it.  Rotary International is one of the main providers of clean water to villages where it is difficult to  attain.  A coalition of Montana clubs, lead by the Rotary Club of Kootenai Valley, has brought water to five villages in Guatemala and is currently working on funding for a sixth.

This project is the largest to date — $315,000 – to drill a well, build a storage tank and install a distribution system.  Of that amount $295,000 has been raised so far.  The Rotary Club of Kalispell is organizing the project.

Eleven Rotary clubs in Northwest Montana have united to make this possible.   Each contributes $30.00 per year per member into a common fund.  Money then comes from the Montana Rotary Foundation and eventually the National Rotary Foundation will be asked for money.

The coalition works with a Rotary Club in Guatemala.  They were responsible for finding the village, making contact and doing all the preliminary work that Rotary International requires.  Good planning helps guarantee that the project will succeed after the coalition has done its work.

The area the group is working in is one of the poorest areas of Guatemala – on the south coast near the ocean.  The village was begun when Mayan Indians, who had fled to Mexico because  they were attacked  by the Guatemalan government, were resettled far from their original home when the violence ended.  They were sent there because no one else lived  there due to abysmal  living conditions.  They were given no help or services by the government.   Currently 1400 people populate the area with only shallow wells and a dirty river – contaminated from larger cities up the river – to provide water.

Other groups also assist the project.  Fundazucar is a coalition of sugar cane growers in the area who inspected  the village and came up with a plan  which helps immensely in beginning the project.  Engineers Without Borders designs the system and helps with planning.  The national group in the United States and the local Montana chapter along with Engineers Without Borders in Guatemala all work together.

Several members of the coalition recently participated in a Project Fair in Antigua, Guatemala.  The purpose of the fair is to introduce clubs in the United States that have money and are looking for a project with clubs in Central America that need money to fund their work.  Members of the Kalispell Rotary chapter manned a booth and gave out information on the project.  They received a $10,000 grant from an individual for the project at the fair.  Two members of the Kootenai Valley chapter, George Gerard and Eileen Carney, also participated.

Clean water is fundamental to healthy living.  The fact that in the 21st century billions of people have no access to this necessity is an embarrassment for us all.  The Rotary Clubs of Northwest Montana are going to great effort to make the world a better place – one well at a time.

Submitted by Eileen Carney

Legal: Notice to Creditors

Natalie Black


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Probate No.: DP-19-95


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned has been appointed Personal

Representative of the above-named estate. All persons having claims against the decedent are required to present their claims within four months after the date of the first publication of

this notice or said claims will be forever barred.

Claims must either be mailed to LYNN A. TROWBRIDGE, the Personal

Representative, return receipt requested, at c/o Worden Thane P.C., 321 W. Broadway St.,

Ste. 300, Missoula, MT 59802, or filed with the Clerk of the above Court .

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