Blind Dog Bluff—Author Signing
Saturday, August 21 at BOOKS

“People love a good animal story,” said Robin Tardiff when asked why she had chosen to document the life of her beloved Charlie. “And his was a good one.”

Charlie was an unusually large German shepherd which Tardiff had sought as a companion. She had grown up with the breed all her life. But little did she know when her search for her next shepherd began that she would find Charlie—a beautiful
shepherd who was born completely blind. Blind Dog Bluff is the start to finish story of how God blessed Tardiff’s life with lessons in the unconditional love she had yet to discover she possessed.

“This is a beautiful, tender love story between the author and Charlie, an dog unlike any other. Poignant and uplifting, I felt like I was right there with this precious family, through the good times and the challenging ones. The journey through every page revealed yet another facet of the unique experience of bonding with a special needs dog. After every chapter, I found myself hugging my own dog a little bit tighter. This is a must read for those considering adopting. Special needs or not, every animal deserves a love story like this one,” said one review on Amazon, where Blind Dog Bluff is currently rated with 5 stars.

While the tale does revolve around the life of Charlie, this easy to read book follows intertwines with the  story of many other animals who serendipitously found their way into Tardiff’s life. She tells each tales with a welcome voice that leads her reader to feel as though they are having a conversation with the author. At times laughing, at times sniffling, at other time just nodding one’s head in agreement. Blind Dog Bluff is full of messages in companionship and patience and humble correction from start to finish.

“My hope is definitely that people might consider rescuing their next pet,” shared Tardiff, who now provides for two additional shepherds and a Cowboy corgi. “Though I also want people to understand the responsibility which comes with seeking out and
finding that perfect companion.”

Tardiff will be signing her
book this coming Saturday,
August 21, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the new BOOKS store located at 322 California Avenue in Libby, inside the
former Kootenai Mercantile Building.

All those looking to pick up that “good animal story” or
interested in meeting Robin to discuss more about her book are welcome to attend. A great stop on your way to or from the car show?




The book consequentially follows the Tardiffs as their life’s path brings them to Libby.


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To ask questions, please email blinddogbluff@bdbpublishing.com

Though it took some convincing for her husband to agree the trip to Utah for Charlie would be worthwhile, Robin’s heart had it’s way and the stories now shared in her new book, “Blind Dog Bluff” will have readers equally as thankful she followed her heart and
committed to their collective journey thereafter.

FWP proposing purchase of conservation easement to protect over 27,000 acres of

timberland near Libby

FWP proposing purchase of conservation easement to protect over 27,000 acres of timberland near Libby

Kalispell — Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is moving forward with a recommendation to the Fish and Wildlife Commission to purchase a conservation easement to protect approximately 27,289 acres of timberland and wildlife habitat near Libby in northwest Montana.

The proposed property, known as Kootenai Forestlands Phase II, is owned by Stimson Lumber Company and would remain privately owned if the easement were approved. FWP would hold the easement, which would allow Stimson to continue managing the property while precluding residential and commercial development and protecting important wildlife habitat and landscape connectivity. It would also provide permanent public access for recreational opportunities, such as hunting and fishing, on the property.

FWP released the proposed project for public input from June 29-July 28, 2021. FWP received 71 public comments with 68 expressing support and two opposed; one comment was a question. To review the comments and FWP responses in its environmental assessment, visit https://fwp.mt.gov/news/public-notices.

Completion of this project would build on the success of other nearby large conservation easements funded by the U.S. Forest Service Forest Legacy Program, including the 142,000-acre
Thompson-Fisher Conservation Easement, the 28,000-acre Kootenai Valleys Conservation Easement, and the 22,295-acre Kootenai Forestlands Phase I Conservation Easement, which was the first phase of this current proposal. Forest Legacy projects in Montana and Idaho have cumulatively helped conserve over 300,000 acres of working lands.