States Largest Workers Compensation Insurer Announces 5% Average Rate Reduction For Policyholders: Once Approved, Reduction Will Go in Effect for New and Renewal Policies 7/1/2023

In these times of rising costs for employers, there may be a bright spot in terms of their workers’ compensation premium rates. Recently, Montana State Fund’s (MSF) Board of Directors announced an average 5% rate reduction for their policyholders.

“As the state’s largest workers’ compensation insurer, it is our goal to be a predictable and stabilizing force for the Montana economy,” said Richard Miltenberger, MSF Chairman of the Board. “With this reduction, MSF has now kept rates steady or lowered them for 17 consecutive years. In fact, rates are now 56.4% lower than they were in 2006.”

Several factors go into policyholder rate reductions, but two factors are especially noteworthy; fewer workplace accidents and getting workers back to work as soon as medically appropriate.

Holly O’Dell, MSF’s President and Chief Executive Officer, explained: “It is our mission to partner with our customers to lower their rates. We do this by helping them create a culture of safety at their businesses. This rate reduction is a testament to their diligence, which is paying off.”

One group of policyholders that has realized the benefits of safety and rate reductions is the Montana Trucking Association (MTA). Duane Williams, Executive Director of MTA, said over the past few years his association has stressed safety and reducing injuries: “By partnering with Montana State Fund our members have improved their workplace safety culture and reduced on-the-job accidents. This, however, did not just happen. It takes hard work and dedication to commit to employee safety.”

Historically Montana has had high injury rates, but according to O’Dell, Montanans are trending in the right direction.

Governor Gianforte echoed the sentiment, saying, “This rate reduction is great news for hardworking Montanans and job-creating businesses throughout the state. Thanks to the Montana State Fund team, we’re taking a step in the right direction, but better is always possible. That’s why we must remain diligent in ensuring workplace safety to continue reducing rates for both employees and employers.”

To learn more about how workplace accidents, safety, and rates are directly related, view MSF’s video Safety: How Premium and Workers Stay Protected on their website workingformontana.com


Submitted By Ethan Heverly


Come On Libby…


Dear Editor,
I would like to thank Lincoln County for providing Libby with a Dog Park. The doggies love it and are so excited when they see a newcomer of their own kind arriving to play.
The County also gave the dogs a Fire Hydrant to do their business not forgetting the wee dogs who have their own play area with a wee Hydrant.
However……. The Humans do not seem to have any respect for others as they ignore the signs that kindly ask dog owners to please pick up your dogs “poop”. Not only the signs but the County very kindly provide plastic bags to gather up said “poop” and a garbage can to deposit the same.
The last time I was at the Park I was disgusted as some dog owner on the way out had allowed their dog to “poop” in the little entrance way and just leave it……….The plastic bags are within arms length……….
I have visited the Whitefish and Kalispell Dog Parks and believe it or not no “poop” so come on Libby Pick Up Your Poop.  (Dog poop that is)

Submitted By Ray Eanes

Somebody Please Tell The Truth

In these perplexing days when many trusted spiritual leaders have proven false; when safe places for investments are rare; when lying in politics seems to be the norm; when governments world-wide are attempting to force us to take unknown substances into  our own bodies; when those you depend on most, often hurt you the  deepest, is there anything left you can trust?

The answer is a resounding yes!  The Bible, the world’s number one best selling book of all time, translated into almost every language on earth, claims for itself the important distinction of being inspired by the  Creator of heaven and earth.  “All scripture is given by inspiration of God” said the great Jewish scholar and apostle Paul.  The great apostle Peter asserts, “Prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.”

Many have become distrustful of the traditional sources of information.  The main-stream media have racked up a reputation for dissemination of “fake news”, and many have searched for alternative information sources. For those looking for solid truth, I crave the opportunity to  recommend to you this common book found in many motel rooms, and used book racks.  No financial barrier should keep you from acquiring a copy of this most valuable source of information for guidance in personal life and business and political decisions.

Are you a prepper? Do you wonder how to be ready to appropriately respond to every emergency?  The world’s most famous and influential man said it simply, “Thy word is truth”.  Truth is probably the most important but neglected aspect of being prepared for the unexpected.  A unique aspect of this well known but little read and only slightly believed book, are the prophetic portions, especially the books of “Daniel” and “The Revelation”, which inform us with absolute certainty how world history will progress.

In our next article, hopefully printed in the next issue of the Montanian, “Do Bible prophecies confirm the inspiration of Scripture?”


Submitted By Patrick Stevenson