National 4-H Week prompts local clubs to welcome new members

The Kootenai Kids and Critters of Troy have been busy in recent weeks learning the art of canning several garden crops and meats for consumption during the winter months. Photo by Stacy Bender, The Montanian.


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While many assume the experience of a 4-H member to be simply the traditionally known activities of raising livestock, fostering a garden, baking delicious goods, and putting together impressive displays of varied talents at the annual county fair, upon closer observation one quickly discovers a group of young people using those experiences year-round to become well-rounded human beings with a community mindset.

As the new project year begins, the Kootenai Kids and Critters of Troy have been busy fishing and harvesting garden crops while simultaneously learning how to can the edibles for the coming winter months. While at work and play, conversations of wrapping presents, cutting and stacking wood for local community members, organizing fundraisers to support future projects and outreach events, and planning their 2021 fair projects have all been overhead.

Likewise, the South 40 Club of Libby is looking ahead to the new year.  Excited to add the world of archery to its long-list of skills and projects to pursue, they are also hopeful that more adults looking to share their own unique life-skills and experience might be interested in fostering future opportunity for area youth.

On Monday, October 5, Libby’s South 40 Club will be holding an open house in the Central School Conference Room, located at 724 Louisiana Avenue, from 6 until 8 p.m. Group leaders and 4-H families will be present to answer questions and assist with registration.

Open to youth ages 5 – 19, all interested in learning about 4-H may also do so by visiting or finding the “South 40 4-H Club” of Libby and the “Kootenai Kids and Critters” of Troy on Facebook.

Self-motivated, responsible, critical thinkers, engaged role models, community volunteers – all these words and more have been used to describe Lincoln County youth currently involved.  For direct information on how to further connect with local 4-H activities contact Christy at in Libby or Jennifer at in Troy