Happy Father’s Day 2021

“Behind every great daughter is a
truly amazing father” – Unknown
Happy Father’s Day!

– Riley

Happy Father’s Day!
We love you, dad…
– Cody Jr., Waylon and Cash

“To the world you are a dad.
To our family you are the world.”


Happy Father’s day to the

best dad ever!

We love you so much daddy…


Kayleigh and Daniel

Master of all things, most
Happy Father’s Day…

– Sage

Dads given me a lot of great advice over 5 + decades.

  • Do at least 1 fun thing every day
  • If only one of you can get away for fun, let
    that one go. (never hold half of you back)
  • Show no fear – ever!


Happy Father’s Day, Dad!   – Sara

Happy Father’s Day

to the best dad
and bonus dad ever!!

Thank you for all you do, dad…

We love you so much!

– Braiden, Levi and Aspen

Happy Father’s Day! To my dad… who
I am grateful worked to keep me on

track—right from the start…
– Stacy