Paint it Pink race results

Submitted by Kate



This year’s festivities kicked off on September 28th with Glacier Bank’s Paint It Pink Fun Run 5k/10K/Half Marathon, and it was a huge success once again.  The bank had a total of 132 registrations and sponsorships, raising well over $3,000 for PIP this year!  On the day of the event, one of the first truly cold days of the year, many pink clad running and walking enthusiasts came out to support the cause!


Race Results:


Half Marathon:

Eli Beiler: 1:70:60

Jamey Toland: 1:79:05

Amy Fantozzi: 1:83:66
Kirsten Kaiser: 1:83:66

Brittany Katzer: 2:00:20

Melania Courteau: 2:00:28

Juli Cooper: 2:00:33

Cody Katzer: 2:06:63

Deborah Lampton: 2:14:31

Rachel Root: 2:22:97

Christy Stewart: 2:57:88


Women’s 5K:

Kate Stephens: 25:22

Jen Brown: 28:21

Kim Peck: 28:21

Carol Lisle: 28:54

Stacey Wood: 30:12

Crysta Leckrone: 30:45

Tai Peterson: 30:45

Moira Mckelvey: 32:13

Kriss Jeresek: 40:15

Cyndi Miller: 42:01

Amanda Noble: 43:23

Heather Keiper: 44:15

Samantha Hollingsworth: 44:25

Nicole Hollingsworth: 44:25

Dawn Williams: 44:42





Shannon Nagle: 44:42

Beth Youngstrom: 44:53

Kelli Jarett: 45:00

Kelly Hanncock: 45:00

Jess Ames: 45:07

Larona Rebo: 45:07

Leslie Jaqueth: 45:19

Colleen Parker: 45:19

Monique Whitfield: 46:27

Rachelle Adamson: 48:42

Dede Kibler: 52:04

Susan Horelick: 53:15

Andrea Boehmler: 55:16

Lynn Jewell: 55:34

Del Shriner: 55:40

Lea Spencer: 55:49

Annette Thompson: 55:51

Donna Williams: 57:01

Jamie Rossling: 57:11

Amber Casey: 57:11

Bernice Stilger: 1:01:20

Kate Witt: 1:01:20

Tracy McNew: 1:04:11

Linda McCren: 1:04:11

Jo Wilson: 1:10:52

Nicole Cutsforth: 1:17:46

Virginia Crawford: 1:17:52

Karena Cutsforth: 1:17:52






Men’s 5K:

Dustin Hill: 24:35

Brandon Burke: 25:17

Dylan Rout: 31:24

Teagan Blaz: 32:26

Joe Miller: 38:53

Corey Osborne: 43:24

Jared Lampson: 45:40

Ian Leigh: 47:27

Bruce Whitfield: 46:27

Brian Cutsforth: 1:17:52


Kids 5K:

Porter Hollingsworth: 26:32

Jack Lampton: 42:40

Abbigale Cutsforth: 1:17:46



Megan Strom: 1:00:53

Callie Blaz: 1:02:05

Tracy Bache: 1:02:05

Paula Paasch: 1:40:00



Jeff David: 47:56

Frank Textor: 55:47


The 13th Annual Paint it pink month is well underway

Submitted by Kate



The leaves are changing colors and there is snow on the mountain tops again.  Fall is here and with that comes one of Lincoln County’s most celebrated months of fundraising, education, and community involvement….Paint It Pink is here!

“This year marks 13 years of Lincoln County Painting it Pink for the detection and treatment of breast cancer,” stated Kate Stephens, Marketing Manager and Paint It Pink Coordinator at Cabinet Peaks Medical Center.  “Once again, our community has come together and has plenty of great events and activities planned for this October in an effort to educate the public about breast health and breast cancer, and to raise money for the detection and treatment of breast cancer in Lincoln County.”

The PIP program and fundraising effort began in 2007 while the hospital Foundation was raising dollars to purchase Digital Mammography equipment.  The fundraising activities for the equipment were so successful, a committee was formed to switch the fundraising focus from equipment to community, and a free mammography program was born.  Since that time, the PIP program has raised over $100,000 and has helped over 220 local men and women receive free mammograms.  In recent years, the program has expanded to raise money to further education, help detect and treat the disease locally, and to provide breast ultrasounds in addition to mammograms when clinically necessary.

“We are incredibly proud of the work that has been accomplished with these fundraising efforts,” added Stephens. “All that has been done is thanks to a plethora of community partners who have rallied behind this cause, started their own annual fundraising events, asked their customers and employees for donations, and given out of their own pockets.  The effort and generosity really is impacting our community and saving local lives!”

“We are extremely grateful to Glacier Bank for continuing to put this event together and kick off the month every year,” stated Stephens.  “It is no small task to put together an event of this size and have it go off seamlessly, and they do a wonderful job year after year.  Everyone looks forward to participating!”

The festivities for the month are not yet over, and include more activities sponsored by Cabinet Peaks Medical Center, Libby Booster Club, Cabinet Mountain Brewing Company, Pure North Athletic Club, Have Java, Copper Mountain Coffee, Northwest Community Health Center, Libby Floral, The Dome Theater, The Western News, The Montanian, and River Rock Café.


Once again, the month wraps up with Paint the Town Pink Day on Friday October 25, and the community is encouraged to wear pink, decorate their homes or businesses in pink, and then take pictures and send them to the Cabinet Peaks Marketing Department at


Check out the Paint It Pink schedule of events posted throughout the community, and listed in the local newspapers for complete details.