John Vernon Hall

66, Libby

John Vernon Hall, age 66, died April 20,  2021.

Many people knew him as either “Johnny”
or “Johnny Cakes.”

Born in Libby, he was the son of Jeraldine and Siebert Hall. When John’s parents died, he lived with his sister and her family until he was old enough to move out on his own.

Through the years,
he worked various handyman jobs: working in restaurants, in the woods and providing
in-home care for older friends.

John enjoyed picking huckleberries, getting firewood, and drinking around the campfire.

John was very
close to the Norstebon,
McMillian, and Boothman families.

The delight of his life was his daughter, Nancy Lynn Boothman, and he was quick to brag about her accomplishments from the time she was born and called her “Baby Cakes.”


John was preceded
in death by his parents (Jerry and Sieb), his
sister (Bonnie), and his brother (Kurt).

He is survived by
his sister (Nancy), his
brother and sister-in-law(Ed and Pauline), sister-in-law (Kay), many
nieces, nephews, cousins, his daughter (Nancy Lynn), Nancy Lynn’s grandma (Minnie), as well as many others
who supported and cared about him throughout his life.

“Johnny Cakes” was well-loved and will be in our hearts forever.

A Celebration of John’s Life will take place  later this summer.

Arrangements are by Schnackenberg Funeral Home in Libby.

Online condolences and memories may be shared at:

Graveside Services
Spring J. Koehler


A graveside memorial service will be held for Spring J. Koehler at the Libby Cemetery on this Saturday, May 29th at
2 p.m.

A Celebration of Life gathering will follow at VFW Post 5514, 216 Yaak Avenue in Troy beginning at approximately 5 p.m.

Service Notice

LaMar E. Lindsay


LaMar E. Lindsay, 90, of Libby died on Sunday, April 11, 2021 at Hidden Meadow Memory Care in Columbia Falls.

Services will be at 12:00 noon, on Friday, May 28, 2021 at Schnackenberg Funeral Home in Libby. Online condolences and memories may be shared at


From the Editor: A Note of Correction

RE: May 12, 2021 Edition

Front Page Story

“SB157 places sports for all students on equal playing field”


It was brought to my attention following print of the
above article that some of the content there within had been constructed incorrectly before going to print.


Paragraph three in the original article read as follows:

“We are so excited,” shared Kelsey Evans, Libby resident and homeschooling mother of four children—12, 11, 8, and 6 years old. “This is going to be so good for so many homeschooling
parents and private school students. I’ve looked into the option
of giving my kids that experience in the past, but Montana had not yet come up to speed like many other states in the country.”

That sentence should have read:

“I’ve looked into the option off signing my kids up for sports. At this time we do Tae Kwon Do, but there are not many options for homeschoolers.” Montana, until now, has remained one of
few states across the country which had not yet offered athletic opportunities to all youth within its potential scope of impact—including private and homeschooled students.


Paragraph four in the original article read as follows:

“I’ve paid my taxes to the school district—and I didn’t mind doing so,” Evans went on. “But I certainly look forward to benefitting from some of that funding set aside to support enrichment programming for our kids.”

That  sentence should have read:

Kelsey went on to explain that she has always seen the value in paying school taxes, as it contributes to the community as a whole. Though with SB157 soon to be negotiated for implementation, she—like many– is
looking forward to offering her own kids the opportunity to participate more broadly.


The third paragraph from the end of the original article read as follows:

“”It’s been a hurdle and at times a big disappointment,” added Kelsey of her homeschooling experience here in Lincoln County. “I even know of parents who have wanted to homeschool, but enrolled their children in public school, specifically because of the athletic drive they could not deny and wanted to foster.”

That passage should have read:

Evans explained that wanting to connect her kids to school sports has been a strong desire for considerable time to date.  In conversation with fellow parents, she has encountered families who had wanted to homeschool, but ultimately chose to enroll their children in public school—solely for the benefit of and
access to school sports.

It’s that important. Bridging this gap and bringing
athletic opportunity to all  – private and homeschooled students…


The fully corrected version of this article has now been posted online at I would like to take a moment to thank Kelsey Evans for expressing her frustrations and working through to a greater understanding. I am blessed every day to share countless stories unfolding here in our
community. And I would never set out to misrepresent any person with whom I happen to cross paths.

Words are quite powerful little tools. A tired mind and misplaced word are bound to happen, and Kelsey was quite gracious in pointing to where that combination had created a concern. I thank you again for your time in conversation and for expressing your concern, Kelsey.

I look forward to seeing yourself and your family out in the community, perhaps even moreso on an athletic playing field or two?!?

– Stacy Bender
Editor/Reporter, The Montanian