Libby Outdoor Recreation Association announces completion of South Flower Creek/Old Snowshoe Recreation Development Plan

Submitted by Tony Petrusha


Libby Outdoor Recreation Association (LORA) has completed the draft plan for development of recreational trails in the Flower Creek and Granite Creek area. The purpose of the plan is to guide development of more opportunities in the area for outdoor enthusiasts.

The South Flower Creek/Old Snowshoe plan draft was presented to the Libby City Council on November 7th and will be presented to the general public in an open public meeting on November16, 2022 from 6:00 to 7:00 PM in the First Montana Bank community room, located at 504 Mineral Avenue in Libby.

Since its last public meeting, LORA has created a Montana State corporation and a tax-exempt non-profit and has developed the Flower Creek plan. LORA will now present the plan, the status of projects, and request input from the community on potential outdoor recreation projects of interest.

For more information on LORA or recreation projects, write or call Tony Petrusha at (406)422-3528.

Local Shed Restaurant Catches Flame


Libby Volunteer Fire Department responded quickly at approx. 1:30 a.m. Monday morning and remained until approx. 6 a.m. until the hot spots were officially out. Photos by Suzanne Loudan.

Little Bears Help
Warm Up Paws

Submitted by Cyrus Lee

Bears ‘n Stuff went shopping for school kittens who don’t have any mittens, or gloves.  We took advantage Dollar Tree’s helpful attitude and good prices to get a nice variety

Vice-Principal Tom Gallagher and Counselor Kim Lee shared the bear’s gifts to the Libby Elementary School’s nurse’s office where little cold paws will now be warmed up.

Bears ‘n Stuff is a local not for profit that works with inmates at Washington State Penitentiary in a collaboration to make difference for all involved.  If you want to know more about Bears ‘n Stuff take a look and like us on our Facebook page Bears ‘n Stuff MT.

Troy High School Student 3rd Year Member of
Kootenai Valley Rifle Club

Submitted by

Kathy Konek

Front row: Paige Sartell and Salix Harris. Back row: Megg Kahanek and Ellie Rutherford-Photo Courtesy of Kathy Konek


In the spring of 2022, members of the Kootenai Valley Rifle Club (KVRC), in Bonners Ferry, shot in the NRA Sectional rifle match at their home range.

They compete with .22 caliber rifles, single shot, and iron sights at a distance of 50 feet indoor.

A Sectional match is one in which a shooter obtains their national ranking. Matches are held across the United States, the scores are sent into the NRA then combined with others to see how everyone did.

After months of waiting the results are in.

Salix Harris is a student at Troy High School, and a 3rd  year member of the KVRC junior team. She participates in three position Olympic style rifle shooting.

Shooting 20 shots in the prone, standing and kneeling position. To score a ten, one must take out a dot not much larger than the period at the end of this sentence.

Harris placed 9th out of 52 members, who competed, in her age group. Teaming up with Ellie Rutherford, Megg Kahanek and Paige Sartell, the team would place 14th out of 27 teams in their class nationwide.

To learn more about the sport of smallbore rifle shooting, please contact Kathy at 208-267-8295 PST. Girls and boys are welcome, ages 12 to 20!

Kiwanis Donates To Local Girl Scouts

Kiwanis Club of Libby and Troy are proud to announce that we have donated our can shack to the Local Girl Scouts. So they may use it as a permanent fundraiser for their group. Make sure you all continue to drop off your aluminum cans to the shack at Rosauers in Libby. Courtesy of Kiwanis of Libby and Troy