Lincoln County Government and Lincoln County Library Troy Branch Announce Architect Firm Selection Troy Library and Opportunity Center Project has teamed up with Mosiac Architecture Troy

Submitted by

Sharee Miller

Lincoln County Government and Lincoln County Library have chosen Mosiac Architecture PC of Helena, MT to complete the preliminary architect report and feasibility study for the Troy Library and Opportunity Center (TLOC) Project.

The TLOC project focuses on transforming the Troy Branch of Lincoln County Library into an expanded library and community center space, utilizing vacant space from the former Troy Volunteer Ambulance building and by pooling resources and programs from multiple community partner agencies.

Project partner agencies include Zero to Five Lincoln County, Spring Up Troy, Lincoln County Unite for Youth, Western Montana Mental Health Center, Libby Job Service, Lincoln County Government, and Lincoln County Library.

These agencies and organizations have been working on this project for over a year, meeting monthly, and have gathered information and feedback from the community through outreach events, mass mailings and surveys.

The ultimate goal of the project is to expand partnerships and resources to the Troy community.


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Flathead Electric Co-op Partners with State and Regional

Associates to Provide Scholarship Opportunities for Area Students

If you are a local high school senior planning to attend college or are a student continuing an undergraduate education, Flathead Electric Cooperative is accepting applications for two scholarship opportunities for the 2023 academic year. Applicants only need to fill out one online application to be considered for both awards.

The Co-op’s regional associate, Basin Electric Power Cooperative (BEPC), awards one $1,000 scholarship each year to a Flathead Electric Cooperative member’s child. The Co-op’s statewide associate, the Montana Electric Cooperatives Association (MECA), awards one $500 scholarship to a regional electric cooperative member’s child.

The criteria for scholarship judging


  • 20 percent – academic strength (courses, GPA, and national testing scores)
  • 20 percent – activities in school and community, awards, honors
  • 20 percent – employment, volunteerism, community service
  • 40 percent – personal statement


To be eligible, the applicant or their parent/guardian must be a member of Flathead Electric Cooperative. In addition, the applicant must be graduating from high school in spring 2023 or currently attending an undergraduate college. Applications will be accepted October 17 through January 25, 2023. Awards will be announced in March 2023. For more information or to apply, visit

Submitted by Courtney Stone.

A Friendly Reminder from Troy Area Dispatch

The local trash dumpsters are for household trash ONLY. Large items such as furniture and appliances like the ones shown below are to be taken to the Troy Transfer Station (aka dump). To the person who left these items please return and take them to the appropriate facility. If anyone has information as to who dropped this off please contact Troy Police as it is being investigated. Call 406-295-4111


Fall Bears, Conflict

and Apple Cider


Submitted by Yaak Valley Forest Council


Fall bears are hungry, roaming, and full of curiosity. As the season is changing bears are searching for calories to pack on weight for their winter denning and hibernation. With bears senses on high alert, so too should be our human instinct to be aware. Bears are looking for enticing smells and food, and it is our responsibility to secure attractants like food, waste, and livestock feed. When we diligently do our best to reduce conflict, we can coexist with bears and live amongst each other.

Yaak Valley Forest Council’s (YVFC) Bear Aware education program helps community members establish bear aware practices at their homes and daily lives. This year we had the pleasure to teach a variety of people of all ages how to properly use bear spray and be effective with it. Our staff offers bear spray trainings during weekdays and at community events. Not only do we teach bear spray use and ethics, but we also have bear proof trash cans for loan to secure trash, livestock feed, and a multitude of smelly goods. These cans are very effective at deterring bears. If a bear is not rewarded with food, it will move on. We also offer electric fence setups and have been trained by MT Fish Wildlife and Parks bear specialists to properly erect and secure electric fencing for fruit trees, compost, small livestock, and gardens. We also have some back country food canisters available for purchase and loan.

Along with bear proof products the YVFC team is passionate about educating all who want to learn about black and grizzly bears. These are unique species, and we are humbled to share the landscape with them.


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Raffle Winner and Money Raised
for Local Fire Dept.

Courtesy of

Troy, MT VFW Post 5514


We drew our winner today for the raffle. Congratulations Michael Jellesed.

We also raised just over $3,000 for our local volunteer Fire Dept.



Raffle Winner and Participants– Photo Courtesy of Troy, MT VFW Post 5514

Troy Montana Skatepark is Making Headway

The Troy Montana Skatepark is making headway the bowl is almost complete!