Mountain Man here to stay

Tom Oar at the Venture Inn presenting to local Rotarians about his life in the Yaak and his role on the hit show, Mountain Man.


By Dawn Manchester


It is well known that Tom Oar, star of the hit television show, Mountain Men, is a very popular guy. Thus, it was no surprise that local fans were filled with woe last week upon hearing a rumor of his retirement. Word of mouth had it that Oar was  packed up and on his way to sunny Florida, leaving the show and everything mountain man behind.

This, we are pleased to report, is folly. In a recent phone interview with Nancy Oar, wife of the television star, she told The Montanian, “We love Montana! We are not going anywhere!” It seems those who claim to have interviewed Oar are pulling their “facts” from thin air. “That is called fake news,” said Nancy, “they’re just rumors.”

In other words, look forward to continuing to see Oar on TV. According to Nancy, 13 new episodes are underway, and her husband is to appear in nine of them. In fact, she stated in the interview on June 12 that Oar was unavailable due to being out of the house for work on the show.

Where the rumors of the move come from is unknown to Nancy or her husband, but the pair looks forward to many more Montana adventures and they are certain that retirement is not anywhere in their near future. Mountain Men fans can rest easy knowing their favorite local star is right at home where he belongs.