Troy Area “Mountain to Town” Outdoor Recreation Plan

Troy Area “Mountain to Town” Outdoor Recreation Plan meeting. Photo by Ashley South, The Montanian.


The Purpose includes to position Troy as a hub for regional recreation tourism by developing outdoor recreation plan which will guide the future use, management and enhancement of motorized and non-motorized recreational facilities in the greater Troy area. This effort stems from the recommendations from the “Natural Resource Work Group” in the Montana Economic Development Association’s Community Review.

The Value includes Regional Economic Development, Tourism Development, Community Revitalization and Health.

For more information visit Troy Area “Mountain to Town” Outdoor Recreation Plan at

Teddy Bears making a difference just in time for the holidays

Submitted by Cyrus Lee

Teddy Bears got out of a Washington State prison just in time to help make Christmas better for young and old in Libby.

Colorful quilt cloth Teddy Bears created in the Sustained Labor Practice Lab at the corrections facility in Walla Walla, Wash. arrived along with crocheted stocking caps as part of a partnership formed between inmates and Libby and Troy Methodist Churches. Bill, the inmate who spearheaded the cap partnership, proposed a possible fund-raising activity that would help the community as well as put the bears into warm, cuddling arms.

‘Sharing through a Bear’ launched during ‘Girls’ Night Out’ as these bright fuzzy bundles won a number of hearts. The concept was to accept a $25 donation to support the homing of a bear into a new child’s den.  The doner has the option of taking and gifting the Teddy or letting them find their forever home through a local outlet such as the Basic Needs Store. The donation would go to support another local effort to helping in the community caught on; all but three bears are ready for denning before Christmas!  Win for kids, win for organization chosen to receive the cash and a win for the hearts of the doners and for the inmates who made and shared.

Bears ‘n Stuff members didn’t waste time Monday establishing an account at Lincoln County Credit Union and then writing a check to the Town Pump to take advantage of that organizations matching to send $234 to the Food Pantry.

More bears have been requested from Walla Walla and they will be joining the last three looking for a new local home.    Bear wranglers are Marge Kroeger at 293-0514 and Cyrus Lee at 293-9630. Eager to help you meet your Teddy or to come share bears at your event.


Photo courtesy of

Cyrus Lee

2021 Turkey Dash Fun Run get record numbers

Submitted by

Dani Gordon,

Turkey Dash Director


The 2021 Turkey Dash Fun Run was once again a resounding success! This year’s Dash again set records for number of participants, sponsors and monies generated to support local charities. Many thanks to all who participated in the Run and those behind the scenes who make this yearly event happen.

The Veterans Coalition of Northwest Montana, who’s mission is to honor and serve the needs of military veterans and their families was one of two very deserving organizations to receive the proceeds from this years event. To find out more about the Veterans Coalition of Northwest Montana, visit their website at


Turkey Dash Giblet

Above: Jim Higgins, the Veterans Coalition Director, was on hand at the Lincoln County Veterans Memorial to accept a check from Turkey Dash Race Director Dani Gordon, along with three participants of this years Run, the Peterson brothers of Libby, Mont.



Marsh, Levi: 14:49

Peterson, Isaiah: 14:54

Katzer, Cash: 15:57

Anderson, Jeremy: 16:11

Anderson, Ellie: 16:11

Marsh, Russell: 16:28

Grotjohn, Maverick:16:32

Rockwell, Mandy: 17:10

Miller, Myles: 18:24

Marsh, Jessica: 18:30

Grotjohn, Brooks: 23:04

Grotjohn, Erin: 23:07

Spencer, Emerson: 25:46

Lawrenz, Ella: 36:27

Williams, Peggy: 38:56

Desch, John: 41:51

Wilson, Jo: 42:49


Turkey Dash Men


Sherbo, Rowe:19:50

Thompson, Greyson: 19:51

Hollingsworth, Gabriel: 20:37

Rusdal, Casey:23:41

Peterson, Nick:24:23

Palmer, Kelly:27:35

Desch, Dan:36:51

Shumak, Ben:37:15

Sherbo, Zach:38:43

Anderson, Alan:40:30

Anderson, Jamie:48:48

Teisberg, Justin:61:45


Turkey Dash Women


Katzer, Brittany:23:11

Friss, Kayla: 24:15

Hollingsworth, Nichole:25:11

Peterson, Kori:28:44

Keiper, Heather: 29:10

Shumak, Julianna:35:16

Hollingsworth, Maissa:36:55

Anderson, Hailey:39:38

Jonet, Makayla:39:38

Bumpus, Jessica: 40:11

Sherbo, Taryn:40:12

Griesemer, Arora:40:48

Allen, Sandra:40:52

Bumpus, Melissa:41:30

Sloan, Kim: 41:32

Teisberg, Kerri:50:10

Lampton, Deborah:50:16

Spencer, Lea:50:25

Thompson, Annette:50:25

Boehmler, Andrea:50:30

Desch, Barb:63:48


Youth(12 and under)


Anderson, Colter:19:51

Hollingsworth, Porter: 23:50

Peterson, Micah:24:22

Thompson, Logan:26:06

Katzer, Waylon:26:26

Desch, Kayleigh:27:33

Peterson, Caleb:28:40

Sloan, Corban:34:05

Desch, Owen:36:51

Sherbo, Charlotte:36:53

Sherbo, Rocklyn:36:54

Hollingsworth, Samara: 39:02

Bumpus, Libelle:40:11

Bumpus, Melissa:41:30

Sloan, Mya:41:32

Teisberg, Ingrid:50:10

Lampton, Jack:50:16

Teisberg, Owen:61:44