Venture Inn donates to Troy Chamber

Submitted by

Bob Henline

Through its monthly restaurant promotion with The Venture Inn, the Kootenai Country Montana Foundation donated $1,185 to the Troy Chamber of Commerce to help with the costs of the organization’s annual Fourth of July fireworks celebration. Every year the Troy Chamber caps off Troy’s Old-Fashioned Fourth of July community celebration with an incredible fireworks display, helping bring community spirit and joy to thousands of local residents and visitors.

“Kootenai Country Montana is committed to improving our community, and that’s what the foundation is all about,” said Bob Henline, director of Kootenai Country Montana. “Troy’s Old-Fashioned Fourth of July is one of those unique community celebrations that make Kootenai Country Montana such a special place, and it just wouldn’t be what it is without the fireworks display. We’re honored to be able to help the Troy Chamber of Commerce continue this wonderful tradition.”

“Thank you very, very much,” said Jody Peterson, president of the Troy Chamber of Commerce. “We expanded the fireworks a bit this year, and everything helps. We really appreciate all that The Venture Inn does for our communities. I also want to thank the Troy Volunteer Fire Department for their hard work in putting on the show.”

The Venture Inn Restaurant donates 10 percent of its sales during a specified week of each month, through the Kootenai Country Montana Foundation, to a local charitable organization. Since the program’s inception, The Venture Inn has donated nearly $6,000 to local charitable causes.

“Our goal here is to contribute to the long term success of this community,” said Venture Inn owner Paul Bunn. “That’s why we started Kootenai Country Montana and the foundation, we want to see Libby, and all of Kootenai Country, succeed. This community has wonderful people doing great things, and we want to provide whatever help we can to those efforts. We love this community, we love the people of it, and we’re going to continue to do whatever we can to help.”

For more information about the Kootenai Country Montana Foundation or to apply for a grant, contact Bob Henline at 406-578-4227.