Simon’s Weekly Weather


Issued Sunday April 30, 2023 – 8:25 P.M.


Wednesday and Thursday,

May. 3 & 4

Unseasonably warm with a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms. Lows in the lower 40s to lower 50s except upper 50s in thermal belts on slopes and hillsides with near 50 around 5000 feet. Highs in the 80s to near 90 with upper 60s around 5000 feet.



May. 5

Cooler with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. Lows in the mid 40s to mid 50s with upper 40s around 5000 feet. Highs in the 70s to near 80 with upper 50s around 5000 feet.


Saturday and Sunday,


Much cooler with a chance of showers. Lows in the 40s to near 50 with upper 30s around 5000 feet. Highs in the 60s to near 70 with upper 40s around 5000 feet.


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May. 3—May. 9

May 3 –  National Montana Day




May 4 –National

Orange Juice Day






May 5 –National Astronaut Day




May 6 –

Beer Pong Day


May 7 – National

Tourism Day





May 8 – National Give Someone A Cupcake Day




May 9 – National Sleepover Day







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Movie of the Week



Critics Consensus:

Bumblebee proves it’s possible to bring fun and a sense of wonder back to a bloated blockbuster franchise — and sets up its own slate of sequels in the bargain.

Word of the  Week




Part of Speech:

A person with no luck at all, a sort of loser who magnetically attracts misfortune.

Book of the Week

“It Ends With Us”

By Colleen Hoover


“From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of It Starts with Us and All Your Perfects, a “brave and heartbreaking novel that digs its claws into you and doesn’t let go, long after you’ve finished it” (Anna Todd, New York Times bestselling author) about a workaholic with a too-good-to-be-true romance can’t stop thinking about her first love, soon to be and a major motion picture starring Blake Lively Justin Baldoni..”

This Week In History – May. 3 – May. 9

May 3

1791: The first modern constitution in Europe was proclaimed in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
1802: Washington, D.C., was incorporated as a city.

May 4

1998: A federal judge in Sacramento, Calif., gave “Unabomber” Theodore Kaczynski of Lincoln, Mont., four life sentences plus 30 years after Kaczynski accepted a plea agreement sparing him from the death penalty.


May 5

1865: The first train robbery in the United States took place, in North Bend, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati.

May 6

1844: The world’s first mechanically frozen skating rink, The Glaciarium, opened in London.

May 7

1789: The first inaugural ball was held in New York to honor President and Mrs. George Washington.

May 8

1912: Paramount Pictures was founded in Hollywood, Calif.

May 9

1887: Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show opened in London, England.