Bull Lake Fire’s new EMRs

Forest Cook and Braden Julian, Michael Reese, Battalion Chief Jim Ward, Chief Clyde Miller, Captain Janet Miller, Barb Cook, Janel Wallace, Jessi Ward. Photo courtesy of Abigail Miller

Submitted by Abigail



Bull Lake Rural Fire District recently celebrated a milestone as eight members of the volunteer department took and passed the first Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) class put on by Bull Lake Fire.

The class was taught by EMS Captain Janet Miller, and took five weeks to complete. In addition to their normal time commitments to the department, the students volunteered their time every Friday, Saturday, and every other Wednesday to accomplish this task.

This is the first medical class put on in house by Bull Lake Fire. During recent years, Bull Lake Fire has strived to better their medical capabilities in order to more effectively serve their constituents and provide EMS capabilities for other members of the department on incidents. Having medical personnel on the department allows for faster medical care in emergency situations, especially in the rural setting.

The class was able to be facilitated due to two individuals who are both lead instructors with the state of Montana, as well as CPR instructors. The department currently has one paramedic, two EMTs, and now eight EMRs