CPMC Auxiliary donates over 9K for equipment

Giving is not just about giving a donation, it’s about making a difference, and the CPMC Auxiliary is all about making a difference. The mission of the Auxiliary is to support the hospital with their time, talent, and the purchase of equipment, and is carried out with amazing spirit and generosity by this group of hard working ladies. Most recently, the CPMC Auxiliary donated a total of $9,200 to two separate departments at CPMC.

The first donation was purchased a Bili Light System for the Obstetrics Department. Cabinet Peaks Medical Center averages 8-12 births/month, and approximately a third of those newborns will develop hyperbilirubinemia (too much bilirubin in the blood); this is a very normal & expected outcome for newborns.  Some babes are able to process the bilirubin quickly and effectively, while others need a small amount of assistance while their new bodies learn this role of breaking down red blood cells. LED Phototherapy, paired with frequent feedings has long been the standard of care for these newborns.

Kimberlee Rebo, Acute Care manager stated, “We are thrilled to be able to offer a new BiliSoft LED Phototherapy System device to our smallest population here at Cabinet Peaks Medical Center.  Phototherapy is the most common form of treatment for newborn jaundice and this new device will help to quickly breakdown the bililrubin in the newborns system, while allowing much needed bonding time between the newborn and mother.”

“Cabinet Peaks Medical Center Obstetrical Team wishes to thank the CPMC Auxiliary Group and all those that support the efforts of the Auxiliary for their generous donation in assisting in the health and well being of the newborns of Lincoln County.”

The second donation was made to the Surgery Department at CPMC to purchase a Clarus Emergency Airway Video Laryngoscope. This scope allows the provider to gain control of a patient’s airway and successfully intubate a patient quickly and effectively. The video screen allows the provider to adjust the scope as it is being inserted into the airway. The device is also portable and can be used in any emergent situation throughout the entire medical center.

Kent Gustin, Chief CRNA at Cabinet Peaks is grateful to the auxiliary for their assistance.  “This is a wonderful piece of equipment that helps us get an airway in quickly and effectively.  We thank the Auxiliary for their support and purchase of the Laryngoscope.”

The CPMC Auxiliary holds fundraising activities throughout the year for the benefit of Cabinet Peaks Medical Center.  These events include the Nordic Fest booth, Christmas Raffle, and Style Show & Luncheon.  In additional, they volunteer their time to help with activities inside the medical center and also run the gift shop at CPMC, stocking the store and providing volunteers to staff it as well.

Since 2003, their great fundraising efforts have provided over $100,000 in new equipment to the medical center and the community it serves.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the CPMC Auxiliary, please call the gift shop at 283-7015 and leave your name and number with the volunteer.