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Hecla will challenge Montana over decision on “bad actor” law
In a recent legal decision, Montana Department of Environmental Quality ruled that Hecla’s President and CEO, Phillip Baker Jr., who once worked as CFO for Pegasus Gold Corp. is a “bad actor.”
This means that based on Montana’s “bad actor” law, Hecla may not be able to open new mines until other mines once operated by Pegasis Gold Corp. are cleaned up and paid for.
Although Hecla had no involvement at the time, Pegasus went bankrupt in in the late 1990s and left without completing clean-up of the mine which were causing pollution. The state had to incur the costs of reclamation.
The state’s decision, if upheld, would likely mean massive delays for any potential opening of the Montanore or Rock Creek mines.
Last week Hecla filed a lawsuit against DEQ challenging their decision.

Iron Man marathon relay race at Turner Mountain
On Saturday, March 31, Turner Mountain ski resort , in conjunction with the Red Dog Saloon, will host a day-long iron man marathon relay race.
Beginning at the midway lift station, participants will make their way up the steep slope to the summit lift station, using their skis, snowboards or snowshoes, after they tag at the summit, they will ski or snowboard down to the lodge, tag a runner who will then run three miles down to Big creek turn off on Pipe Creek Road. Cyclists waiting there will take the tag and bike about 13 miles back down to the Red Dog, where the race will end.

Vietnam War Veteran’s Day recognized by local VFW
On March 29 2012, then President, Barack Obama issued a Vietnam Veterans day proclamation. The recognition was signed into law by President Donald Trump in 2017, and is just a year old. Vietnam War Veterans Day is now a National Holiday.
November 1, 1955 marks the official beginning of American involvement in the war as recognized by the Vietnam Veterans memorial. Our Government sent more than 2.7 million of our service members over to Vietnam and tens of thousands lost their lives. Thousands returned home with physical and emotional wounds. 
Due to perceptions of the war, returning Veterans were spit upon and condemned. According to a Military Times article by Mackenzie Wolf, it is estimated that 300,000 Vietnam War Veterans endure post-traumatic stress disorder.
The Paris Peace Accords which ended the war and restored peace in Vietnam, were signed on January 27, 1973 officially ending direct U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. In honor of Vietnam War Veterans Day, Libby’s VFW Post will be posting flags around town. 
Mark your calendars. Shake their hands and thank all of the Vietnam Veterans you see, and if you have an American flag please post it on March 29.