Local services stick around, closure rumors untrue

By Moira Blazi

Recently The Montanian was told that some important local services might be closing. We are happy to report that they are not.
Wayne McLaughlin of Youth Dynamics laughed and smiled as he reassured the Montanian that his agency is in fact not closing. They will still be working to help kids and families find the best professional helpers, both in and out of the school system. “Due to recent licensing requirements, the in-house therapist will be, for the time being working in Kalispell, where the demand is very high” Said McLaughlin. Youth Dynamics will be in Libby providing services, as will Head Start, Early Head Start, and Families in Partnership. All these fine agencies are going strong.
In a press release from Alexandra Eanes, Executive Director of Families in Partnership, she explains, “Pending the approval of our regional office, we are exploring a proposal to transition from center and home-based options, to expanding our home-based program services. If this change in program option is approved, Families in Partnership’s Early Head Start would exclusively offer home-based services effective July 1, 2018.”
What this means is simply that the families in Partnership’s Cedar St. facility will most likely no longer be providing scheduled services to its client families, but the building is not closing and will still be available to clients.
Early Head Start serves pregnant women, infants and toddlers ages 0 to 3. It is not affiliated with the larger Head Start program located at the