Selling our state?

By Tracy McNew


Montana is not for sale, but if you check out you will find a petition titled, “Sell Montana to Canada for $1 trillion to eliminate the national debt.”

The petition was created three weeks ago by someone named Ian from Greenville, SC. As of March 4, it had been signed by 17,351 people.

The petition’s description states, “We have too much debt and Montana is useless. Just tell them it has beavers or something.”

The story has been covered by Fox News, USA Today and Time to name a few, but the Great Falls Tribune probably had the best response noting that many supporters are, in fact, Montanans.

Our state’s lawmakers reportedly discussed the issue too, and then decided against a formal bill rejecting the sale.

So, if you’re into hockey, maple syrup, public health care, and Tim Horton’s coffee, there could still be hope. We’re not sure how much it would help the U.S.A. though.

Our national dept is at about $22 trillion, so what 21 other states should they sell once we’re Canadian, eh?