Troy City Council discusses maintenance, security, and credit where its due

By Brian Baxter


The Troy City Council met on Wednesday, November 21 at the Troy city complex for their regular monthly meeting. The agenda only had a few items to be discussed. Officials present included Mayor Dallas Carr, Tracy Rebo, City Clerk / Treasurer, and Chuck Ekstedt, Crystal Denton, and Shawna Kelsey, City Council members. There were eight members of the community present as well.

The meeting kicked off with the Pledge of Allegiance, and got down to business promptly afterwards.

There were no comments from the public or city officers. New business began with a brief discussion of the county equipment status. Currently, the City of Troy is selling a 2002 Case Backhoe. Sealed bids were opened and read by Mayor Carr. The council will be contacting the winning bidder.

Next, the Mayor opened sealed bids for purchase of a new backhoe. Carr mentioned that the average price of a new machine was approximately $160,000, but that government subsidies program may save a substantial amount on the purchase cost.

A committee was recommended to look into this decision, and they agreed to get back to the council with their thoughts on this purchase.

Budget concerns were voiced about the green dumpsters and cost of maintenance due to vandalism. Mayor Carr emphasized introducing security cameras to keep vandalism to a minimum. Council members also discussed passing an ordinance in the future regarding fines for litter or salvaging. The group decided to involve the county officials, and will schedule a meeting soon.

Mayor Carr complimented council member Shawna Kelsey for her efforts and results regarding the successful meeting supporting the incorporation of Troy into the Main Street Montana Program. Kelsey mentioned that being a part of this program could be very beneficial for Troy, as concerns and improvements for geo-tourism, local food, telecommunications, and affordable housing are priorities of this program. Anyone interested  can call Shawna at the Troy City Office, at 295-4151 for more information.

Documents were presented listing the Public Works Department accomplishments for the recent season which included among other topics winterizing the park, and repairing vandalism at the museum, park, and walking path.

The credit was given to the Snowplowing Safety Training, attended by David Norman, Clint Taylor, Dennis Dupuis, Ward Davis, and Robert Bolender. Mayor Carr again emphasized using security cameras to reduce local vandalism.

Two more complex issues were discussed. One concerning the intricate relationship of the Bonneville Power Administration, Northern Lights, Avista, and the City of Troy.

The group concurred that it seemed the BPA wanted more independence to make their own rules on certain aspects of power supply.

These aspects included transmission lines, power stations, a 5% increase in overall rates, and tariff structure.

The second topic of complexity was brought up by Councilwoman Crystal Denton regarding the question of renting or selling the Troy Annex. Tracy Rebo commented that this has been widely advertised and not just locally.

Mayor Dallas Carr concluded that the City of Troy must look into all options, and that officials will continue to check into this matter. The meeting concluded at approximately 8:45 pm that evening.