Weekly Horoscope

Aries  Today is a 7  Household issues need attention now. Stick close to home, and get your chores done. Plan a project to beautify and improve your family’s space.


Taurus  Today is an 8  You can learn what you need today and tomorrow. Update your skills. Brief your team on a brilliant idea. Listen, and share options. Provide persuasion.


Gemini  Today is a 9  You can get the resources you need over the next few days. Invest in success. Allow an insider advantage. Follow an elder’s advice.


Cancer  Today is a 9  You’re growing stronger. Personal matters take focus. Your experience makes you attractive. Imagine winning. Go for it, and keep your eyes on the prize.


Leo  Today is a 6 Private contemplation reveals hidden opportunities. Slow down, and make plans. Review the situation from a philosophical view. Avoid provoking jealousies by staying sensitive to others.


Virgo  Today is a 7 Gather ideas and information from friends. Participate to fulfill community goals, wishes and dreams. Avoid snarky commentary. Keep a gracious public profile.


Libra  Today is an 8 Take advantage of a few days in the professional spotlight. You’re attracting the attention of someone influential. Show respect, and gain love. Stay on task.


Scorpio  Today is a 7  The next few days are good for expanding your territory. Keep your objective in mind. Plan your route to avoid delays and traffic. Get adventurous.


Sagittarius  Today is a 9  A lack of funds would mess with your plans. Manage accounts and budgets. Stay in communication with interested parties. Contribute to support your family.


Capricorn  Today is an 8  Negotiate with your partner to refine the plan. Talk things over to ensure that everyone gets heard. Compromise. Make a date for something special.


Aquarius  Today is an 8  Focus on physical labors for a few days. Prioritize health and fitness. The pace is picking up. A change to the status quo is possible.


Pisces  Today is a 9 Reserve the next two days for fun. You’re attractive and attracted. Give in to unexpected visits or spontaneous diversion. Fall in love again.


Horoscopes by Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency.