What’s new at the library?

Libby Library receives improvements

Submitted by

Alyssa Ramirez and Libby Friends of the Library


When Lincoln County Public Libraries recently closed for staff training, it was also the perfect opportunity to do some much needed improvements to the library.

For one, the library received a fresh coat of paint thanks to Maintenance Director Joe Nagle. After a week of polling patrons, “Crocodile Style” green was selected as the new color for our walls.

But most importantly, it was an opportunity to better serve our low vision patrons who frequently use our Large Print Collection. When we first decided to make the large print books their own collection, the location ended up being the furthest corner of the library, not particularly practical for patrons.

While staff was at training, the Libby Friends of the Library took up the monumental task of not only relocating the Large Print Collection to a more convenient location, but moving the entire Fiction Collection to make room. In all, Libby Friends of the Library moved some 10,000 items.

The library staff sincerely thanks the Libby Friends of the Library for making the Large Print Collection more accessible to those who use it.

As a large number of our patrons are over 60 years of age, the use of our Large Print Collection is only increasing. Unfortunately, these items are more expensive than regular print materials. To better serve the needs of our patrons, we are having a Brews for Benefits night at Cabinet Mountain Brewing Company on Oct. 4. All proceeds from this event will help support our Large Print Collection.

Photo of Libby’s Public Library  reading area with new color courtesy of Alyssa Ramirez.

Little Free Library Relocated

The Libby Friends of the Library wants the public to know that the location of one of its sponsored Little Free Library sites has been relocated.  Colin Maloney made and donated four Little Free Library structures as an Eagle Scout project a few years ago, and the Friends of the Library maintain them.  The structure on 5th Street near Libby Creek was recently moved due to some property construction changes. It is now located just a little farther down the road. Go across the creek and stay to the right onto the Jennings Haul Road. Turn right into the parking area next to the old mill bridge that crosses Libby Creek from the Haul Road , and you will find it near the bridge entrance.  If you are walking on the paved County walking path, you just need to walk across the old bridge to get or leave a book.