Aunt T’s offers limited edition coffee and book signing

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Aunt T’s Coffee Corner and Camp Creek Coffee Roasters have partnered to issue a new Libby Adventure Roast of whole bean coffee available in limited edition bags featuring landmarks from around Libby. The first three bags feature The Swinging Bridge, Libby Creek Falls and Pipe Creek, and are available only at Aunt T’s Coffee Corner on Mineral Ave.

“We wanted to create something that would be a great souvenir for folks visiting Libby and also be an excellent gift for people from Libby living elsewhere,” said Randa Holm, general manager and co-owner of Aunt T’s Coffee Corner.

The coffee is a dark Columbian roast produced by Camp Creek Coffee Roasters. The beans are craft roasted in small batches in Libby to ensure freshness and quality.

“We chose the dark Columbian roast from Camp Creek for this project because it has a consistent, rich and bold flavor,” said Mati Bishop, business development director and co-owner of Aunt T’s.

“We’re committed to creating a high quality and unique coffee experience at Aunt T’s and Camp Creek is not only local, but also producing some of the best craft roasted coffee in the entire Northwest, so the partnership was a no brainer and hopefully the first of many collaborations to come,” he continued.

The limited-edition bags are designed by Holm and Bishop and available for a limited time only at Aunt T’s Coffee Corner.

Local Author and Adventurer Bernice Endes shares lessons from the saddle for Libby’s future leaders.

Bernice Endes, author of Lady Longrider Alone Across America by Horseback, will be at Aunt T’s Coffee Corner on Monday July 2 at 1 p.m. for the first stop in her book tour.

She will speak about her adventures and share a message for future leaders of Libby and the surrounding community.

Copies of her new book will be available for purchase and autograph.

Endes has ridden nearly 30,000 miles on horseback over the course of the last 13 years. She is a retired ballet teacher who taught in Minnesota, San Francisco, Seattle, Whitefish and her current home Trego, Montana.

Upon retirement, she embarked on a new challenge: long riding, which has changed her perspective on our country and its people.

Her primary four reasons for riding are to inspire female leaders, explore, learn and grow.

Libby residents of all ages and genders are welcome at the event.

Young women seeking lessons in leadership, perseverance and compassion are especially encouraged to attend.

Aunt T’s is located at 417 Mineral Ave. in Libby.

The first three limited edition bags of coffee available at Aunt T’s Coffee Corner. : Pipe Creek, The Swinging Bridge, and Libby Creek Falls. Photo by Rachel Rebo