The Importance of Attending Church

I am a Christian and a Licensed Minister. Christians believe the Holy Bible is the wholly inspired, written and complete, living Word of God. It is a guideline to who God is; His character and desires for humans. Neither God, Bible meanings nor His precepts change with societal norms. Everything in Christianity is based on the Bible. Find a church that has not compromised His Word; some have.

A lady asked where the Bible says a Christian must go to church because when she goes, “they” make her feel bad. My answer is covered below.

To be in God’s favor, we must know and follow His ways. Sometimes things are said or done in church that we may not like or we might interpret to be directly and personally aimed; even gossip. They sometimes are. But hopefully more often, it is the Holy Spirit telling us to change something about ourselves.

Christians are not perfect, though one challenge for Christians is to become perfect. Jesus said in Matthew, Chapter 5, Verse 48 (5:48) in the Amplified Classic (AmpC) version of the Bible, “You, therefore, must be perfect [growing into complete maturity of godliness in mind and character, having reached the proper height of virtue and integrity], as your heavenly Father is perfect.” The first question to ask is does this apply to me? Then, is this something I am willing to change?

Until we do the academic work to understand who God is, what He is about and what He wants from us individually, we will not know what we need to change in our lives and why. But when we do know, we should have conflict within ourselves. Advice: Submit your will to God’s, then change one thing at a time.

We are to become better than who we are when we begin our relationship with God. The more we delay this, the harder and longer our path to perfection and the more damage in our lives. It begins as noted in the book of Romans 10:17 in the New King James Version (NKJV), “17 So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”

Hearing (also reading) brings belief in Jesus as the means thru whom we can come into a covenant relationship with God. This requires repentance for our sins in the name of Jesus. A lot, huh? That’s why you need to go to church, ask questions, learn and understand more. If you already are a Christian, attending church helps you grow in your knowledge and relationship with Jesus, the Christ.

What else does God say about this? Jesus said to meet with Christians in group settings. He said in Matthew 18:20, King James Version (KJV), “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Hebrews 10:24-25 (KJV) says, “24 And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works; 25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.”

Christians are not intended to be isolated. When we fellowship with other believers in church, we learn from them. In return, we encourage them by our attendance and teach others as we progress. We forge helping friendships with people who are trying to get to Heaven.

Some think Christians are ignorant, uneducated; weak minded. This is not true. In the small church I attend in Troy, there are at least four with Bachelor’s degrees, and two Pharmaceutical Doctors. At least two have Associate’s degrees. At least 3 are combat veterans.

So why am I a Christian? I was raised in a Christian home. My Father, Rev. Arnold E. Erickson, pastored churches in the Church of God of Cleveland, TN; mostly in MT. Because of parental influences, I grew up knowing about Jesus and became a believer at a young age. As a young adult however, I walked away from God until about age 34. I went to church and the Holy Spirit got ahold of me. Ultimately, God revealed Himself to me in my darkest moments and met my deepest needs at different times. He still does!

Summation: Go to Church! You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to become the best version of you. You also owe it to God, though you may not realize that yet.

I need letters from local Christians entitled, ‘Why I Am A Christian.’ I will be publishing an article here monthly and need testimonies from local Christians that readers will know. Please also list education and accomplishments.

I can be contacted at: dean.erickson.ministries@gmail.com or at: Dean Erickson Ministries, PO Box 488, Troy, MT 59935-0488. God Bless!


By Dean Erickson

Montana Energy

Im not sure most people understand that wind and solar farms are currently, nor will in the future, ever be considered a reliable or variable energy source. And no such farm would ever be a competitive renewable energy program …at least not without tax-payer subsidies. Which makes the actual cost of such energy even higher! Nor do I believe that most people understand the environmental degradation these farms cause. As to the idea that we are all going to suffer massive climate disruptions: lets look back on the dooms-day-sayers …the polar caps will be no more (still here and more bears than 20 years ago), the glaciers will be gone in 20 years. (Glacier Nat’l Park remove such signs last year), costal cities will be underwater (they’re not), “Natural” disasters will be bigger, worst and more often year after year (didn’t happen). Remember, Yellow Journalism sells and Fear caused people not to think clearly. Extreme environmentalists, politicians and the media have been stirring the pot for years. At first the Green Peace movement and the like showed concern for the environment…earth, water and air… now these organizations chase greenbacks instead. .no one who cares and loves our planet would ever put up a wind farm, and some styles of solar farms, as they are today, because hundreds of thousands of bats, birds of prey and sea birds die…are killed yearly across the world!…from them. Lets not have Montana add to those numbers! And don’t forget that the blades and panels are not biodegradable and thus cause even more environmental destruction upon our earth.

Now im not saying green energy production is bad or not needed. But it works better at the individual and on small scale operations where the infrastructure needn’t be tax-payer subsidized  and the consumers benefit directly. A better solution for Montana, to do its fair share to increase green energy, would be to utilize the states waterways and install waterotors (go to waterotor.com). These ingenious machines are environmentally friendly and can bring more power to more people and tap into our current power grid!

So until the cost (without tax-payer subsidies), reliability and infrastructure of green energy is efficient, lets not weaken our economy or our  Nations security by cutting off our nose in spite of our face. Don’t believe me? Please view the prager University videos listed below.


  • Can we relay on wind and solar?
  • Do we have to destroy the earth to save it?
  • Climate change, what’s so alarming?
  • Fossil fuels, greener than you think
  • Why I left Green Peace
  • Confessions of an environmentalist


Submitted by Robert Edmundson

Heavy Heart For The Future of Montana


I write to you today with a heavy heart and deep concern for the future of Montana. For years, our beloved state has been the recipient of a mass exodus from big cities across the country – people looking to escape a high cost of living, increasing crime and cramped living conditions. They want to move to a place that feels safe; a place they can live a slower life and watch their kids grow up. While we understand their perspective – it’s why we are here after all – we cannot ignore the consequences of rapid growth.

As someone who has lived in Montana for many years, I have witnessed firsthand the changes that have come with this influx of new residents. From the sudden increase in traffic on our roads to the rising housing costs, it’s clear that our state is no longer the same as it once was. Our rural communities are struggling to keep up with the demand for resources and services, and the strain on our environment and wildlife is becoming more and more apparent. And even closer to the heart, lies the fact that more and more development of our land, changes who we are and how we live. It changes the way of life we love and cherish – most of us for generations.

The Yaak/Pine Creek area is currently on the verge of experiencing first-hand the negative consequences of subdevelopment in rural areas. There is a proposed subdivision on the old homestead, located on Pine Creek Drainage. The development is set to transform the existing neighborhood permanently. The initial development consists of 2 subdivisions, totaling 13 lots- the majority having creek frontage. 10 of these lots have their own, separate well and septic system. The situation has the potential to become even worse, as the proposal lists covenants that would allow further subdividing of said lots. The once quiet and serene neighborhood will be irrevocably altered.

Hunters in the area have also expressed concern, due to this currently undeveloped area being a critical crossing point for big game on the Yaak. This region is known as a dedicated Winter Range, despite the developer’s assertion that no such range exists on the land. The developer failed to conduct any research and has not implemented measures to mitigate the effects on the migratory path.

Add in the fact that there are limited resources already in this area including refuse, fire, ambulance, etc. and it becomes a grim situation. How can an already struggling system accommodate a potential 130 additional residents packed into a small area?

We cannot continue to allow the population to grow at this pace without taking steps to ensure that Montana can accommodate them. We cannot continue to allow out-of-state developers to come in with one thing in mind: profit; profit without a thought to the impacts on the surrounding environment, human and animal life. On a phone conversation I had with this developer, he very blatantly warned me that the tranquility enjoyed by the lower Yaak community was about to change.

As Montanans, it’s up to us to preserve the unique character and way of life that we all cherish. We must take action now to protect our state’s resources, to maintain our rural way of life, and to ensure that Montana remains a welcoming and vibrant place for all who call it home. We must work together to find solutions that balance the needs of new and old residents alike, so that we can all enjoy the Montana we love for generations to come.

One thing that can be done – if willing to put in the efforts – is to create a Citizen Initiated Zoning District (CIZD), which is governed by State laws As the name suggests, a Citizen Initiated Zoning District is established by citizens, rather than the local/state government.. These zoning districts enable residents to collaborate and create a land use plan that addresses the impact of subdivision and negotiates solutions for their area. This unique process empowers neighbors to protect their neighborhood and align new developments with their vision for the community – requires that the developments blend in – rather than completely change – the existing community.

I urge my fellow Montanans and Lincoln County residents to join me in speaking out and demanding action from our elected officials; in taking part to create the change we wish to see. Let’s work together to protect the future of our state and preserve the Montana way of life that we all hold so dear.

Residents of Lincoln County who wish to submit comments on the proposed South Yaak and West Pine Creek subdivisions may do so by sending their feedback to the Lincoln County Commissioners and Lincoln County Planning Board.

Planning Board: planningboard@libby.org

District 1: bteske@libby.org

District 2: jhammon@libby.org


There are also resources available for those who are interested in more information regarding establishing a Citizen Initiated Zoning District. In addition to emailing your County Commissioner, you can visit the below sites for examples and guidelines.





It is imperative that we take action now before time runs out and we lose what we hold dear. We must act quickly to preserve what makes Montana special; what makes Montana home



Submitted by Matt Franke

Pine Creek Committee for Sensible Growth

House Leadership on Priority Legislation That Has Been Passed Before The Transmittal Break

The Leadership of the Montana House of Representatives is proud of the accomplishments the Republican led Legislature has achieved on behalf of the people of Montana in the first half of the legislative session.

Several key pieces of legislation have passed both chambers and will be sent to the Governor, these include a property tax rebate of $1,000 to residential property owners paid out in 2024 and 2025, and an income tax rebate of up to $1,250 per individual taxpayer and $2,500 for married couples filing jointly. Additionally, we are paying down $200 million of Montana state debt. As a result, nearly $1 billion of our state’s historic budget surplus is on its way back to taxpayers. We are incredibly proud to fulfill this promise and return to our Montanans their hard-earned money.

Additional conservative bills have been transmitted to the Senate including legislation to improve our children’s educational opportunities, many of which give students the flexibility they need to receive the best education possible. Republicans have advanced multiple bills that will increase enrollment and school choice options for Montana students and their families. Bills that support Montana’s small businesses, including a reduction in Montana’s business equipment tax as well as bills that restore our judiciary and demand the Government be accountable to you, the people, are advancing with Republican support.

Republicans have also produced bills that protect the individual freedoms of Montanans in a medical environment. This is reflected in legislation that will create a hospital patient bill of rights; as well as legislation that legally protects medical practitioners when they stand up against specific medical services that violate their conscience.

Several conservative proposals have moved forward to ensure the security of Montana’s elections, such as a process to secure tabulation machines and clarifying that illegal aliens cannot vote in Montana’s elections.

Protecting children from obscene materials in school libraries and obscenity on their devices is of paramount importance to Republicans this session, including protecting children from adult oriented entertainment. We believe our children should remain free from the bombardment of obscene material.

Republicans in the House have blocked several bad bills, including legalizing partial-birth abortion, allowing abortion-inducing drugs to be provided at schools, increasing taxes, and bills impeding Montanans First and Second Amendment rights.

In the second half of the legislative session, we will be focused on returning more of the $2 billion surplus to Montanans and passing a conservative state budget. House Bill 2, the budget bill, will be considered by the full Appropriations committee beginning March 9th.


Submitted by Madison Atkinson on behalf of Matt Regier (R-Kalispell) is the Speaker of the Montana House of Representatives

Rhonda Knudsen (R-Culbertson) is the Speaker Pro Tempore of the Montana House of Representatives

Sue Vinton (R-Billings) is the Majority Leader of the Montana House of Representatives