The poisoning of a society

How does it happen? Very Slowly. Put a frog in boiling water and it will jump out. Slowly turn up the heat and you’ll cook him. Humans around the world  are being lobotomized, mind and body by various means. Chemicals in the chem-trails; barium, strontium, aluminum. Fluoride, a byproduct of aluminum in the city water system. GMO’s and chemicals in our food supply.

Psychotropic and opioid drugs flooding our airways. Indoctrination of our children through the liberal education system. These are some of the tools the globalists are using to usher in their diabolical new world order system.

There’s a growing number of people around the world waking up to their insanity. Remember, insanity has no logic. With their Luciferian ideology, they’re not going to back down. We the people hold the power. We need to start saying “no” to as much as we can before we’re at the point of no return. Good will prevail if we collectively believe.


Daniel Misiuk, Libby, Mont.