Trump – Tester Twitter tussle stirs possible reelection trouble


April 24, 2018

Dear Mr. Trump,

Information has been brought to our Committee concerning nominee Rear Admiral Ronny L. Jackson, USN, to be Secretary of Veterans Affairs. We write to request all documentation pertaining to Rear Admiral Jackson’s service int the White House Medical Unit and as Physician to the President.
We request any and all communication between the Department of Defense, including the Office of Inspector General and the Offices of Inspector General for each branch of service including such offices that deal primarily with medical care, and the White House Military Office, including the White House Medical Unit, regarding allegations or incidents involving Rear Admiral Jackson from 2006 to present. We further request any and all allegations and documents, including those developed during the course of an investigation, that are in the custody of the White House Military Office, the White House Medical Unit, or any office in the Executive Office of the President that were never communicated to the Department of Defense or Offices of Inspector General.
We appreciate your assistance on this matter. It is our privilege to serve veterans and their families and it is our duty to ensure that the individual who serves as Secretary of Veterans Affairs is qualified, capable, and appropriate for the position,

Jonny Isakson, Chairman US Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs
Jon Tester, Ranking Member US Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs