Success at District Music Fest

By Tracy McNew

District Music Festival was held at Glacier High School in Kalispell on April 13 and 14. Libby and Troy public schools participated with great success.
Mrs. Hand who manages Troy’s music programs said, “I am so incredibly proud of my students. We are the smallest school who attends our District Festival, but that doesn’t stop us from performing very well.”
The District Music Festival is not a competition, but rather, a learning experience. The rating system used is based on a rubric where points are given for different categories. The points are then counted up and placed on a scale with five ratings. Superior I is the highest possible rating, and excellent II is the second highest rating.
Many of the performances were given a superior rating, and will be attending the State Music Festival in Helena on May 4 and 5.

Local band or choir performance ratings:
Troy High School Band – Superior I overall (I, I, II), Superior I in sight reading
Libby High School Band – Superior I overall (I, I, I), Superior I in sight reading
Troy High School Choir -Excellent II overall (II, II, II), Superior I in sight reading
Libby Concert Choir – Superior I overall (I, I, I), Superior I in sight reading
Libby Women’s Choir – Superior I overall (I, I, I)

Vocal solos:
Liam Hennsley (Troy) – Superior I
Sophie Lee (Libby) – Excellent II
Christina Corbell (Libby) – Excellent II
Ashlynn Charles (Libby) – Superior I
Alaina Moore (Libby) – Superior I
Mikalyn Zeiler (Libby) – Superior I
Hailey Dotson (Libby) – Superior I
Vocal duets:
Madason Anspach and Jonathn Fossen (Troy) – Excellent II
Christina Corbell and Nathan Wisdom (Libby) – Excellent II
Alaina Moore and Laneigha Zeiler (Libby) – Superior I
Laneigha Zeiler and Mikalyn Zeiler (Libby) – Superior I
Vocal trio:
Kaleb Lindgren, Sophie Lee, and Mikalyn Zeiler (Libby) – Superior I
Women’s vocal ensembles:
Hannah Beebe, Ashlynn Charles, Christina Corbell, Hailey Dotson, Sophie Lee, and Ariana Willis (Libby) – Superior I
Hannah Beebe, Ashlynn Charles, Hailey Dotson, Destiny Galloway, Abbie Johnson, Sophie Lee, Zoey O’Donnell, Ariana Willis, and Shey Wolfe (Libby) – Superior I
Christina Corbell, Hailey Dotson, Mallory Hughes, Sophie Lee, Morgan Williams, 
Ariana Willis, Mikalyn Zeiler (Libby) – Superior I
Instrumental solos:
Jonathn Fossen (Troy) on French horn – Superior I
Jacob Volkenand (Troy) on clarinet – Superior I
Liam Hennsley (Troy) on alto saxophone – Excellent II
Regina Milde (Troy) on flute – Excellent II
Shelby Smith (Libby) on flute – Superior I
Sally Weber (Libby) on violin – Superior I
Trey Thompson (Libby) on tenor saxophone – Superior I
Chris Williams (Libby) on tenor saxophone – Superior I
Cerria Swagger (Libby) on French horn – Superior I
Alyssa Bales (Libby) on violin – Superior I
Kevin Lee (Libby) on tuba – Superior I
Instrumental duets:
Lyndan Clay on baritone saxophone and Chloe Yeadon on tenor saxophone (Troy) – Superior I
Instrumental ensemble:
Jazz Band (Libby) – Excellent II (Chris Williams, Trey Thompson, Cerria Swagger, Phillip Schnackenberg, Colton Tubb, Kevin Lee, Ruby Martin and Ben Gibson