Community Support of those little Bears Fund Local Agencies

Submitted by Cyrus Lee

Marge Kroeger with Rhea Bernardy and Chloe Adamson from the Libby Food Pantry.


Marge Kroeger with Rhea Bernardy and Chloe Adamson from the Libby Food Pantry.

Barb Guthneck at Lincoln County Solutions is ‘beared-up’.


When Bears ‘n Stuff sets up at one of the local markets we can be sure that in the little prison bears are going to make a difference somewhere in the area.  Bears arrived at Families in Partnership on Tuesday of last week looking to share a ‘cuddleablility’ with a child.  At the Department of Family Services more recently denned bears lined up to be there for kids in crisis.  More bears came on board at Lincoln County Crisis Solutions and are standing by to be called out.  Since B’nS started just before Christmas last year over 75 bears have denned with children through agencies.

At the Farmer’s Market Bears ‘n Stuff was able to share out the denning donations with representatives from Kootenai Pets for Life and the Libby Food Pantry as they got their paws on checks to help their organizations make differences.  The bears plan to keep making appearances at markets as well as the Riverfront Blues Fest and Ignite the Nites as they wind down a great summer season getting ready for Fall.

Bears ‘n Stuff would like to come talk to your group or organization.  Contact Marge at 406-293-0514 or Cyrus at 406-293-9630.  Like us on Facebook at Bears ‘n Stuff.

Farmers Market at Libby Gives Vendor Spotlight to Talented Craftsman

Courtesy of

The Farmers Market at Libby

Metal art work by Bob and Sandy Blackwell-Photo courtesy of The Framers Market at Libby


Owners Bob and Sandy Blackwell have been in business for only 2 years. They create fun, unique metal art in the form of signs, wall hangings, address signs, windchimes and clocks.

They love visiting with people at market, and are happy to create special order items for you.

You can find their beautiful work at

@2dogcnc and USA Montana Gallery