Libby Cab expands with more vehicles and options

By McKenzie Williams


Keith Russel, owner of the Libby Cab service has been expanding has business since it began.

Russel is a retired firefighter from North Carolina who came to Libby eight  years ago and made Kootenai country his permanent home four years ago.

When asked how he got the idea to bring a cab service to Libby, Russel simply said, “There was a major need in Libby for this service.”

The Libby Cab Company began with just one vehicle; Russel’s personal, heavy duty, four-door pick-up truck. The business soon expanded, now it includes a total of four vehicles and it might even expand further in the future, said Russel.

Libby Cab still has the vehicle they started with, along with the addition of two sedans and a 12-person excursion van.

Libby Cab rates include:

  • A $5 dollar pick up fee for Cab Service
  • An electronic metering system that calculates at $2.50 per mile
  • An excursion van by quoted price from Russel

Libby Cab’s excursion van will be used to attend all major events and act as a shuttle and a safe way home. The 12-person van can also be rented for many uses and trips, including:

  • Group Kalispell shopping trips
  • Hot Springs trips
  • Yaak Attack Excursions
  • Reverse Yaak Attack Excursions
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette parties
  • Spokane Casino (if in high demand)
  • Much more

“We try our best not to say no, the excursion van can fulfill many needs. We try and tend to our customers in that way,” said Russel

Libby Cab has expanded in other ways as well by hiring two new employees to help meet demand that has been accumulating over time.

“Business is getting better every week, it can get slow when the weather changes up, ,ut picks up again quickly.” said Russel.

Libby Cab has hired Virgil, as lead food delivery driver. But he also works as a cab driver when days are busy.

Joshua Reid is also a new hire and lead cab driver. Reid previously worked for Uber, a cell phone based app that allows users to hire rides, day or night. Reid just moved here with his wife and kids from Portland, Oregon and he looks forward to living and working in Libby.

“My wife and I came here with our four younger children searching for the simpler life and to feel like a part of a community where we matter,” said Reid. “We picked Libby, in part because my best buddy grew up in Libby and he had been trying to talk us into moving up for the last year and a half.”

The cab company delivers food from four local restaurants, creating a win-win situation for the cab business, the restaurants, and the customers.

“All restaurants offer an array of food choices. Cedars has their Chester’s chicken plate, the Pastime has great cheeseburgers, Cabinet Mountain Brewing Company offers eclectic specials all the time, and the VFW Post 1548 now has their new amazing hand-tossed pizza,” said Russel.

The menu choices can be found on Libby Cab’s Facebook page.

For the people who don’t want to leave their house or cannot, this is  a great way to enjoy the comfortability of staying in. All you need to do is call the restaurant and place your order, (pay by phone with card or cash to the delivery carrier). The rest is handled by Libby Cab and the restaurant.

More about Libby Cab Company can be found on Libby Cab’s Facebook page, you can email, or call 334-9494 for 24/7 service. Food can only be delivered while restaurant kitchens are open.