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Issued Sunday February 26, 2023 – 7:55 P.M. MST



March 1

Partly cloudy with areas of night and morning valley fog and low clouds. Lows in the teens to near 20 with lower teens around 5000 feet. Highs in the 30s with mid 20s around 5000 feet.



Thursday Thru Sunday,

March 2, 3, 4 & 5

A chance of snow. Lows in the mid teens to mid 20s with upper teens around 5000 feet. Highs in the 30s with mid 20s around 5000 feet.




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Mar. 1 – Mar. 7

March 1- 

National Peanut


Lovers Day



March 2-

National Egg McMuffin Day

March 3-


Employee Appreciation Day




March 4– National Sons Day




March 5-


Personality Day


March 6-

National Dentists Day




March 7–

Alexander Graham Bell Day


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Movie of the Week



Critics Consensus:

Formulaic and often jarringly violent, 2 Guns rests its old-school appeal on the interplay between its charismatic, well-matched stars.

Word of the Week




Part of Speech:
Verb, transitive

To give or assign a certain value. Or to fix a price on a

Book of the Week


“Really Good,



by MonicHeisey


A hilarious and painfully relatable debut novel about one woman’s messy search for joy and meaning in the wake of an unexpected breakup, from comedian, essayist, and award-winning screenwriter Monica Heisey

This Week In History – Mar. 1– Mar. 7

March 1

1565: The city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was founded.
1642: Georgeana, Mass., (now known as York, Maine), became the first incorporated city in what would become the United States.
1692: The first three women in Massachusetts were charged in what would be known as the Salem witch trials.

March 2

1807: Congress outlawed the African slave trade.
1877: Just two days before inauguration, the U.S. Congress declared Rutherford B. Hayes the winner of the election even though Samuel J. Tilden had won the popular vote on Nov. 7, 1876.
1903: The Martha Washington Hotel opened in New York City, becoming the first hotel exclusively for women.

March 3

1284: The principality of Wales was incorporated with England.
1776: The first amphibious landing of the U.S. Marine Corps began the Battle of Nassau in the British Bahamas during the American Revolutionary War.
1845: Florida was admitted as the 27th U.S. state.
1923: Time magazine was published for the first time.

March 4

1519: Hernán Cortés arrived in Mexico in search of the Aztec civilization and their wealth.
1789: The first Congress of the United States met In New York City, putting the U.S. Constitution into effect. The U.S. Bill of Rights was written and proposed to Congress.

March 5

1836: Samuel Colt patented the first production-model revolver, the .34-caliber.
1872: George Westinghouse patented the air brake.
1946: Winston Churchill coined the phrase “Iron Curtain” in a speech at Westminster College, Missouri.
1960: Elvis Presley was given an honorable discharge from the U.S. Army.

March 6

1808 : 1st college orchestra in US founded, at Harvard.
1831:  Edgar Allan Poe removed from West Point military academy.
1865 : US President Abraham Lincoln’s 2nd Inaugural Ball.
1869 : Dmitri Mendeleev presents the first periodic table of the elements to the Russian Chemical Society.

March 7

1857:  Baseball decides 9 innings constitutes an official game, not 9 runs.
1876 : Alexander Graham Bell receives a patent for the telephone in the US.
1941:  3rd largest snowfall then in NYC history (18.1″).
1962:  The Beatles made their broadcasting debut on BBC radio.