LHS seniors seek donations

Submitted by Stephine LaCoss-Scott, Jackie Nagle, and the Class of 2018

For the past several years the parents of the graduating class have planned and organized several events for the seniors as a final farewell. These events include Baccalaureate, Senior Skip Day, Senior Dessert, and our biggest event, the Alcohol-Free All-Night-Party. These memorable events are made possible by generous donations from many of our local businesses and families.
Last year, generous donations helped to make the 2017 Senior Events a huge success. Our goal this year is to make the Class of 2018’s final events together just as memorable.
With 74 students in this year’s graduating class, many funds will be needed to make these events successful. Each student pitches in by paying a $65 fee to participate. This covers many of the costs, but it doesn’t cover them all, and does not pay for the gifts and prizes given at some of the events. This year’ s donations will be used to fund the remaining event costs, to sponsor students who are unable to pay event fees, and for the gifts and prizes given at the All-Night-Party, which has become a fun and memorable tradition. These activities are to provide the youth a safe, healthy, drug, and alcohol free environment. Cash donations, gift cards, prizes or gifts are all welcome. We know times are tough, and with Libby being a small community, the businesses get hit hard. We greatly appreciate anything you can do to help us reach our goal.
If you would like to donate, you can mail or drop off your checks or gift cards to LHS, 150 Education Way, Libby, MT 59923. Please make checks payable to “Senior Class Graduation Party.” You may also call anyone listed on the prize committee below and we would be happy to pick up your donation.
For more information, please contact, Stephine Lacoss-Scott 291-2176 or Jackie Nagle 291- 2808.
We thank you for your support !