Unite for Youth Pays visit to Kids Corner at Troy’s Farmers Market


Courtesy of Lincoln County Unite for Youth Coalition


June 10, Lincoln County Unite for Youth Coalition was invited to work along side the amazing kids Corner by the Market team. Where they connected with youth and families .

Kids Corner at The Market Festivities-Photo courtesy of Lincoln County Unite for Youth Coalition

New Heritage Museum Banner at Kootenai Falls

Courtesy of The Heritage Museum

The Heritage Museum now has a new banner up that hangs on the entrance of the Kootenai falls.

Heritage Museum banner–Photo courtesy of The Heritage Museum

Troy High School Travel Club in San Diego

Courtesy of

Troy School District

Troy High School travel club goes to San Diego, and look to be having a great time


Troy Students on Bus–Photo courtesy of Troy School District


City of Libby asks the Public

Submitted by The City of Libby


On June 14 and 15 The City of Libby held a focus group meeting at City Hall 952 E, Spruce regarding the update of Libby’s 2010 growth policy, a guiding policy document for land use and community development.

The City of Libby and Planning Board are asking for your input and feedback  to help shape the city’s goals and action plan that will address our key issues. Including Housing, Jobs and employment, Economic development and Climate change.

All meeting information will be available on the project website at www.imaginelibbymt.com