Kootenai Harvest Meal Volunteers

Come Together

Here are just a few of our Harvest Meal Volunteers. We appreciate everyone who contributed their time and hard work.

Harvest meal Volunteers preparing meals in kitchen-Photo courtesy of Kootenai Harvest Festival

Inaugural Cabinet View Crush Disc Golf Tournament

Submitted by Kootenai Valley Huckers Disc Golf Club


On October  8, the local disc golf club-Kootenai Valley Huckers-will host the first ever disc golf tournament at the Cabinet View Golf Course. With such a unique opportunity to play disc golf on a golf course, we expect disc golfers form all over the region to join us on the course. We are inviting you to be there as well.

Disc golf has been around for over 50 years and has found a home in Lincoln County, and now has 5 courses within 17 miles of Libby. Tournaments are a major part of the disc golf culture and one of the most enjoyable events for players. In fact, the cabinet view crush will be the sixth tournament  hosted in the Libby/Troy area this year alone.  But we need help. Sponsor a hole. Sponsoring a hole for the tournament does a number of things . Sponsorship will help ensure prizes are plentiful, memorable and entices more disc golfers to come to Libby.

The cost of sponsoring a hole is $100. this will help cover  the cost of discs , entry /insurance fees , a sign at the hole you sponsor, and help with the prize packs for winners. As sponsors we will display any advertisements for you not only on the course at the hole you sponsor , but also at the Tournament Headquarters. If you have business cards or fliers you would like us to include in players pack, we will.  Receipts are available upon request and your support will be acknowledged at the opening players meeting and the awards ceremony.

Disc golfers know how important community backing is and disc golfers that participate in the Cabinet View View Crush will be impressed by our community. Be apat of the adventure. In-kind contributions are welcome also.; the more we have, the more we can give. Thank you for your time and thank you for your support.  For interest call Nick Reny at 406-283-1004

The Future of Our Country

Dear Editor,
The race for Montana’s new House seat is critical to the future of our Country.  I know both candidates and have worked directly with both of them.  I served in the Montana Senate with Commander Zinke and was on the Montana Public Service Commission when Ms. Tranel worked as counsel for the Montana Consumer Council.
In my experience there is a big contrast between the two.  I saw Cmdr. Zinke work hard to represent the people of Montana.  As for Ms. Tranel, I saw her do nothing but advocate for the green energy movement.

I for one look at the candidates’ records and not the headlines.  Ms. Tranel wants a dangerously rapid elimination of traditional energy sources, leaving us reliant on wind and solar.  Cmdr. Zinke on the other hand has always advocated for a balanced energy mix, using natural resources to ensure a baseload of power while supplementing with renewables.

Developing all energy sources benefit Montana by keeping prices stable and our economy strong.  Forcing the elimination of traditional energy sources would leave us short of needed supply, just as California and Arizona are now.

As you prepare to choose the individual that will represent Montana on the national stage, please consider which direction do you want our nation and our state to go.
A vote for Cmdr. Ryan Zinke will be a vote for lower inflation, a strong economy, higher wage jobs and a future for our families.


Submitted by Bob Lake-Former Chairman of the Montana Public Service Commission Hamilton

Convention of States – or Not ?

As our representative, Steve Gunderson wrote:

What words are going to force compliance with a document that is not followed now???

But who is responsible for that?  The very legislators we elect!

In the old days, Congress used to meet in a big hall and discuss the issues.

Now, when one of them speaks the chairs are empty. They don’t meet to discuss anymore.

Each in their ivory towers talk to lobbyists, assign decision making to unelected experts, then focus on their pet projects with “the media.” And who are the media? Journalists!

But journalists have also changed from the old days. The goal used to be presenting facts.

This has been replaced by “yellow journalism” – sensationalistic or biased stories that news media present as objective truth, enhanced by “talk shows.” The term, “yellow journalism,” was coined in the late 1800’s to belittle competitors using these unconventional techniques. In the 1950’s I learned about it in school along with practice using etiquette in debate and social situations.

Etiquette was the personal disciplines required for expected and accepted social behavior.

Wait your turn while you listen to the full story of the opposition. Interruptions not allowed. Then practice debating the “other side” instead of your own. Practice seeing a situation from their point of view. What journalists practice that now?

So why would our legislators not want a Convention of States? They mislead by talking about it as being a “Constitutional Convention”. However, the issues to be addressed deal with our legislators: term limits, a balanced budget, and government overreach.

What legislator wants to jeopardize his own job for the sake of defending our constitution?

He can simply speak to the media who slice & dice according to their purposes. When we are led by fear we are easily manipulated. It’s time to look deeper!


Submitted By Laura McGlasson of Libby, Mont.