Mountain Lion Captured on Game Camera Near Lake Creek in Troy

Submitted By Randall C. Thomas

MT Fish Wildlife and Parks Reminder

Submitted By Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks

Often, people think they are rescuing an orphaned animal. However, it’s important to understand that wildlife care for their young much differently than humans. They have strategies to provide the highest chance of survival for their young.
One strategy that some species, particularly those more commonly seen as prey (deer, rabbits, birds), use is to distance themselves from their young for many hours at a time. This helps to keep predators away from their young. For example, fawns are born without a scent, and it is safer for them if their mother, who has a scent, is not nearby. This also can potentially distract a predator into focusing on the doe vs. their offspring. In short, if you care, leave them there.

Piebald Moose Spotted Near Fisher River Near Libby

Submitted By Mike Scott


Piebald animals are those with a pattern of pigmented spots on a white background of hair, feathers or scales. The mutated gene is known to be the main cause of piebald patterns. One leading theory held is that the patterns were caused by the mutated Kit gene slowing down the migration of pigment cells. The cells are produced at the back of the embryo and move through the skin towards the front as the animal develops in the womb, according to theguardian.com.

Cabinet View Golf Club Junior Golf Clinic Success

Submitted By Cabinet View Golf Club


Photo Top Left – Drive, chip and putt medalist 9 and under. Left to right: 1st Tysin Leckrone, 2nd Caddis Karoglanian, 3rd Drake Morford, 1st Brielle Holzer, 2nd Aliyah Soete, T3 Olivia Berschneider, T3 Willow Fahland.

Photo Top Right – Drive, chip and putt medalist ages 10-13. Left to right: 1st Anderson Montgomery, 2nd Kason Courteau, 3rd Hank McAfee, 1st Quinly Leckrone, 2nd Caylee O’malia, 3rd Carly O’malia.