Sandy feeling at home in his winter element.  Photo courtesy of Sandy Compton

Friends of Scotchman’s Peaks Wilderness project manager retiring

By Brian Baxter


Mitchell Sandy Compton is retiring as Project Manager from the FSPW. Compton attended elementary school in Heron, Mont., and graduated from Sandpoint High School in 1969. Among other achievements Compton received the Axline Award for Environmental Activism in May of 2018, and the Montana Wilderness Association Brass Lantern Award in Sept. of 2016.

When asked about Mr. Compton’s accomplishments, Doug Farrell, FSPW Board Chair said, “Sandy’s family settled in Sanders County in the early 1900’s, and he still lives on the land that his grandparents settled.” This piece of land is located at the base of the Scotchman’s Peaks.” Ferrell continued, “Sandy has been a tireless wilderness advocate for the protection and stewardship of family wildlands. He is a powerful storyteller and has worked for the FSPW since it was first founded.”

Compton is also a writer, editor, and print designer who has published a dozen proprietary books, as well as many fictional works. His own company, Blue Creek Press is also located near Heron and he assists others in moving their books from original concepts to reality with his expertise. Among many other notable achievements, Compton, Kari Harker, and this reporter put together an idea back around 2005, to provide winter outdoor education and animal tracking field workshops to students of nearby areas and communities. The framework that these three individuals conceived and believed in, has now evolved into educating hundreds of kids from the states of Montana, Idaho, and Washington each winter. Over the years, this has grown to represent several thousands of young people who have been connected to nature in this way.

Compton reached out in numerous and diversified ways to both kids and adults doing educational and remote trails projects, social events, poetry, theater, book readings and brews for benefits in a unique way with reminiscence of the early explorers, and a modern technology flair of present times.