Bear ID and human mystery stimulate creativity

Did you ever have one of those brain summits that was just too good not to share?

I don’t know about you but I find national news coverage tedious– continual buildup’s for a climax that never occurs. Like how did we lose a percentage of our Uranium without congressional approval, and will there be accountability. Where are thousands of missing state department emails and the search goes on.      Seth Rich, in touch with Julian Assange, murdered in broad daylight and all film from surrounding surveillance missing. The intrigue of the Benghazi incident, and where did the fake FISA document come from used for the 17 million dollar Mueller probe, and who paid for it? Still waiting…

I’m struck with the irony of a federal agency that can determine what a particular Grizzly was doing on May 17 when he severely mauled a woman in their employ. In the span of a few weeks they know his gender, age, origin, and his innocence—they know WHY; his proximity to the victim, a surprise defensive encounter; inability to hear because of running water, rain and wind. They know that he had a rap sheet (captured in 05). Out of 53 Grizzly’s within a 2,600 square mile study range he is nailed as the perp, and all this from a single hair!

I’m suggesting the FBI and the FWP swap agency head’s so outstanding case mysteries can be solved; because the present speed of investigation is indiscernible. I think it would be a major breakthrough, but then how would we know what the bears are doing? Oh dear.


Ruth Bushnell, Troy, Mont.