Bowl at Troy’s Roosevelt Skate Park is Completed and Open

By Katie McCahan


On Friday, October 21 the new bowl at the Troy skatepark was opened for public use. It’s located next to Roosevelt park, at the intersection of Roosevelt Parkway and West Mill Road. Dreamland Skateparks LLC started construction on September 26, and have been working tirelessly to finish before the weather turned. They succeeded just in the nick of time, as the clouds rolled in and the valley saw its first fall storm Friday afternoon. Despite a few drops of rain, many dedicated skaters and community members gathered for the grand opening to skate it for the first time. The bowl was built in honor of Kolby Zugg, a local skate legend and inspiration for many.

Locally known as The Landing, the park was originally created by skateboard enthusiasts and featured a few rails, pockets, and a quarter pipe. The addition of the bowl is an amazing new feature for Troy, and gives riders a new way to enjoy the sport. When asked why skateboarding is important, Lindsey Nelson, a zine creator and employee at Spirit Skate Shop in Kalispell shared that “skating is healthy, therapeutic, and fun.” Jay Mitchell, a Troy Skatepark Committee Member, said “I am stoked to see the kids have the opportunity to skate here,” and added, “this is my fountain of youth” when asked what the new bowl meant to him. Cressey Rice, an avid skateboarder who came in on the train Friday morning chimed in “Troy for the win!”

The Dreamland team was present at the opening, and shared their stoke with the rest of the community. Danyel Scott, co-owner of Dreamland Skateparks said “We are honored to be doing this. It’s not only for Kolby but a great addition to the community. The bowl will raise the athletic capabilities of the kids.” Mark Scott, other co-owner commented “Troy is a beautiful area and it’s been an honor to be a part of the community. It feels good to leave behind something the kids will enjoy and keep them out of trouble.” Both echoed excitement for their crew’s return in the spring to wrap up phase two of construction on more pieces for the park. Cory Hirschman of Dreamland Skateparks added “There is a desire for such a thing like this, we can help bring these parks to interested communities. A big shout out to Zack McDougall for all of his efforts to make this happen.”

The new feature has a wide reaching effect over the larger skate community in the northwest U.S with folks traveling from Missoula, Kalispell, Sandpoint, Libby and beyond. Clay Taylor, the owner of Spirit Skate Shop from Kalispell said “I would like to thank the city of Troy for building an amazing skate park in honor of Kolby. A place like this will produce amazing skateboarders. When it comes down to it, it’s for the kids.” Eric Sanchez, one of Dreamland’s build crew attended the event and shared “skateparks cater to kids who are more individualistic. It gives them something to do and a chance to find community. It’s important to me because that was the case for myself.”

The bowl is smooth, beautiful, and fun. Kolby Zugg attended the event and shared stoke, advice, and encouragement for riders new and old. He commented “It’s beautiful, man. Like falling in love.” A big thanks to all involved including the Troy Skatepark Committee, the City of Troy, Jeff Ament, City Council Member TJ Boswell, Debbie Hall, and many others who worked hard to make this possible.

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Photo courtesy of Ashley South, The Montanian.

Bears ‘n Stuff Silent Auction


Submitted by Cyrus Lee


The ‘Montana Quilt’, a handcrafted work of fabric art by Connor S. and William R. is the lead for Bears ‘n Stuff’s Fall fund raising campaign.   Sewn in the Sustainable Practices Lab (SPL) at Washington State Penitentiary, the quilt depicts Montana wildlife in the four seasons.  Measuring 88” by 97” the quilt contains fabric donated by numerous Libby and Troy residents.  As a hidden germ, there is a tiny John Deere tractor patch addition to recognize our agriculture and forestry heritage.  Horses appearing in the summer and winter panels were taken from the work-chair upholstery to honor  of a former inmate who had a Montana dream but unfortunately passed before his release.  Truly an unusual project by talented individuals to honor the state’s environment, heritage, and generosity.  Auction closes on the 6th of November 2022.

The ‘Bull Elk’ carved inlay depicts on of Montana’s earliest wildlife residents.  Measuring 34” wide by 35” tall this handcrafted piece captures the strong, but delicate aspects of one of our most iconic wildlife animals.  The artist, Bob, another inmate working at the SPL utilizes Intarsia woodworking which is the art of creating a mosaic-like picture from pieces of wood, selecting different species of wood for depth and texture.  Auction closes the 17th of December 2022.

The silent auction is now open for both items and bid submissions are being received Montana Quilt with the current high bid being $1000 while the Elk Carving is at $140.

Comment to post with new bids at the new Bears ‘n Stuff MT Facebook page.  All monies will be donated to the 2 local Food Pantries to support our neighbors.  Shipping is not included but is available for the actual cost.  Bears ‘n Stuff is a Montana non-profit.  Support this wonderful effort!


Abigail Osborn Scholarship Award

Courtesy of Kiwanis of Libby and Troy


We are so happy to be able to present Abigail Osborn of Troy with the Kiwanis of Libby and Troy Scholarship award. We wish you the best in your future and our communities are very proud of you.

Abigail Osborn-Photo Courtesy of Kiwanis of Libby and Troy