Formerly Kootenai Kiwanis Rebrands with a New Name

By Jim Dasius

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Fireman’s Park in Libby. Photo by of Tracy McNew, The Montanian.


There name may have undergone a change but their mission remains the same. Helping kids.

In a ribbon cutting ceremony held last Tuesday, June 7, at Fireman’s Park. The former Kootenai Kiwanis Rebranded their name. Beginning with a series of introductions by current members, volunteers and collaborators. The scene shifted

With a sparkling new sign in the backdrop the ribbon was snipped. And the Kiwanis Club at Libby and Troy was born.

Founded in 1915 Kiwanis is an international organization. There purpose being to serve children and in turn uplift communities.

A member driven organization. Kiwanis elect their own leaders. Determine their own meeting times, and most importantly, decide how to best serve the kids in their communities

Not only do Kiwanis help raise money to fund projects. They provide hands on service whether its dishing out meals, handing out cloths, or even building a playground. Kiwanis are there to lend a hand. Programs that Kiwanis Club of Libby and Troy are involved in include, Koats for Kids, which distributes coats , gloves , scarfs, and other articles of clothing to children when winter approaches.

The Bike Rodeo teaches youngsters about bike safety and road procedures. Helmet and other protective gear are distributed.

Student stand down was created to provide children with necessary materials for a successful school year. Notebooks, pens, pencils, among other materials are distributed.

Money collected from aluminum can donations and dropped off at Rosauers , are used to fund projects.

The Kiwanis Club of Libby and Troy meet the fourth Tuesday of every month.

Meetings are held at The Venture Inn and begin at 12 p.m.

Stop in and learn more about the organization. Or visit them on their Facebook page.

2022 Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive is a Success


Thank you to everyone in the Libby community that contributed to our “Stamp Out Hunger” Food drive for 2022. Your generosity allowed us to collect 3400 pounds of food  to give directly to the Libby Food Pantry. Thank you again.

– Your Libby Postal Workers.

Bears Share Out of Their Cookie Jar and Donates to Libby Senior Center

Submitted by Cyrus Lee

Bears ‘n Stuff Marge Kroeger along with two bears, who are on their way to comfort kids at Cabinet Peaks Medical Center, paw over a $400 donation to Dedi Coy and Deanna Nelson of the Libby Senior Center.  The donation will help with delivered meals to around 20 senior citizens in the coming week. Photo courtesy of Cyrus Lee


Those little bears could make a difference again in the community.  Thanks to generous gifts given to ‘den’ these prison-made cuddlers, Bears ‘n Stuff can help the Libby Senior Center with delivered meals to over 60’s.

Wednesday’s lunch meal had gone out with home delivery volunteers when Bears ‘n Stuff arrived with our Lincoln County Credit Union check.  We found out that around 70 folks had phoned in requests for the 70 lunches; 60 had hit the road with 10 ‘grab & go’s’ waiting pickup at the center.

The kitchen in the center produces three delicious meals a week; dinners on Tuesdays & Fridays, lunch on Wednesdays.  That averages around 400 meals out the door a week for an outfit working on a short staff.  A 501(c)3 nonprofit, the senior center is not supported by the county.  Funding comes from federal and state grant money through the Agency on Aging.  Living on a ‘fixed’ income center management daily matches wits with rising costs to make ends meet.   The suggested donation of a dinner meal for an over 60 is $6; the center’s cost is about $11. No one over 60 is turned away for lack of ability to cover the meal donation.   Bears ‘n Stuff’s $400 will put nutritious meals on the tables of 20 seniors for around a week.

Asked what she needed the most, Project Manager Didi Coy was very clear.  ‘I need volunteers to do deliveries.’  She went on to explain the need for committed people.  Volunteers use their own vehicle to deliver lunch and dinners to seniors at their residences.  The volunteers, working Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday provide important personal interaction when they knock on the door.  Volunteers are rewarded with thank-you’s, smiles, and a $10 a weekly gas voucher.

To minimize expensive food waste seniors wanting meals need to call and reserve.  For Tuesday or Friday dinners call 406-293-7222 before noon, for Wednesday lunch call before 9 a.m.

While meals are no longer served at the center.  Public Licensed Bingo is every other Saturday with our member game playing is Monday afternoon and all-day Thursday.  Yearly membership is just $10 a year, that lets you do a lot of wheelin’ and dealin’.

Human contact and food are a basic human need.  You can help to help others.  Bears, made by the Helping Hands crew at the Washington State Prison are waiting to be denned with a community child in need.  The Bears ‘n Stuff tent randomly sets up at the Libby Vendors’ Market and Libby Farmers’ Market as well as other community events.  Along with bears, beautiful inmate made art provides the money that cycles right back into our community.  If you’d like more information about Bears ‘n Stuff , to invite us to your event, or have us present our vision to your organization contact Marge Kroeger 406-293-0514 or Cyrus Lee 406-293-9630.