Troy Skatepark Youth Essays, and Skating for a Reason

By Ashley South



The Troy Skatepark committee helped facilitate six $200.00 gift cards purchased from Spirit Skate shop located in Kalispell.

The donations for the gift cards were given to support the youth using the new renovations at the Troy Skatepark.

The donations were given by anonymous members of the Troy community.

The Skatepark Committee received over 25 paragraph style essays from students at the Morrison Elementary and Troy High School. The essay question was, what would it mean to win a skate shop gift card?

Six essays were chosen between grades fourth through sixth.

“It was difficult picking the essays because they were all so good in their own ways,” said Maggie Anderson a Troy Skatepark Committee Member.

The winners of the gift cards are as followed: Styrk Storkson, Ariah Pennock, Forrest Sedler, Marcus Hermes, Halle Wallace, and Kayden No Runner.

The students were awarded their gift cards at the Troy Skatepark, with the Dreamland Skateparks crew. The students will be able to purchase new skateboards and protective gear.

“Thanks to Troy public schools and the Troy Skatepark Committee for making this dream happen in Troy, I started skating when I was ten years old and spent a lot of time at the Troy Skatepark. It is great to see people still interested in the skatepark,” said Zach McDougall a Troy Skatepark Committee Member.

Libby Friends of The Library Book Sale, Nov.4


The Libby Friends of the Library will have its November Book Sale on Friday, November 4th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Book Sale Room downstairs at the Library.

Our theme this month is “Get Ready for the Holidays!” We have a large display of various craft books to help you get started on those holiday gift or decorating projects! We also have a table with books and items that would make nice gifts. All of this in addition to our regular selections of books for all ages and interests! A reminder: we welcome the donations of any used books in good condition. You can drop off book donations at the library during regular hours, and we will process them for our next FOL book sale.

20th Annual Bow Wow Bash to Be Remembered

By Marge Sullivan


It is amazing what a group of volunteers can do. Everyday there are volunteers at the Shelter working with the animals and maintaining and keeping up the Shelter. Outside of the Shelter a group of volunteers worked together to stage the 20th Annual Bow Wow Bash. Generous individuals and businesses donated items to be auctioned off to raise funds for Kootenai Pets for Life. The items gathered were tagged and inventoried while volunteers and the Chamber of Commerce sold tickets. Bubba’s Texas BBQ was selected as caterer. People worked together that have a connection to one person or many but all worked together.

The Bash day arrived and tables were decorated by donation of a volunteer.  We had a volunteer auctioneer, volunteer greeters and cashiers. The Girl Scouts stepped up and helped with table service. The response by the public was amazing.

An anonymous donor stepped forward and will match the total made at the Bash.  Our common bond was that we are all working together for the good of the cats and dogs that are struggling and need a good home. There is always a need for funding as this past year the roof had to be replaced and the heating system updated along with the daily expenses of a shelter from feeding to cleaning.  This is all possible thanks to people of the Libby/Troy area.

Entertainment was provided by Kathryn Hawkins, DVM and her dancing dogs and the Big Sky Bows and Blowhard provided music through dinner.

For more information or donations KPFL is located at 125 County Shop Road, PO Box 1454 or

Call: 406-293 5735 (KPFL                     Email: