Inmate Offense Roster

Monday, January 9, 2022


All charges are misdemeanors unless specified as a felony. This list of inmates reflects solely those detained on the date listed above and does not  reflect those who have since been arrested or released.


Abrahamson, Jamie R.
Charged with felony all other offenses.


Buford, Jason D.
Charged with simple assault, kidnapping/abduction, and felony forcible fondling. LCJC.


Caughey, Joseph A JR.

Charged with driving under the influence. LCJC

Chartier, Casey J
Charged with felony all other offenses and intimidation. LCJC.


Drury, Charles A.

Charged with all other offenses.


Edwards, Matthew A.
Charged with felony aggravated assault and six counts traffic offense. LCJC.


Fletcher, Justen.

Charged with traffic offence. LCJC.


Fletcher, Marvin W.

Charged with aggravated assault. LCDC.


Gile, Robert W.
Charged with felony intimidation. LCJC.


Glaese, Joshua M.

Charged with Driving under the influence. LCJC. and all other offences. LCDC.


Graves, Darrell G.

Charged with intimidation. Destruction/Damage/Vandalism o, and Disorderly Conduct. TCC.


Heil, Joseph D.

Charged with felony intimidation and all other offences. LCJC.


Herzog, Halie M.
Charged not classified.


Huisentruit, Joshua J.

Charged with all other offences. LCDC.


Lefell, David D.
Charged with all other offenses. LCJC.


Marquis, Jeb E. Charged not classified.


Osborn, Ty R.

Charged with felony aggravated assault and driving under the influence. LCJC.


Pillans, Michelle L.

Charged with felony drug/narcotic violations. LCJC. Drug equipment violations and traffic offense.

Redl, Joseph A.
Charged with all other offenses, felony drug/narcotic violations, drug equipment violations, and traffic offense. LCJC.


Richardson, Lacey N.

Charges not classified.


Seaman, Garry D.
Charged with two counts felony murder and non-negligent manslaughter. LCJC.


Teeple, William T.
Charged with all other offenses, felony aggravated assault, and simple assault. LCJC.


Waldron, Guy E.
Charged with felony drug/narcotic violations, felony all other offenses, drug equipment violations, and driving under the influence. LCJC.


Williams, Elizabeth


Charged with all other offenses.

Letter to The Editor

Thanks to Tony Smith and The Montanian for the excellent “Reflections” column, especially the one on conservation 1/4/23. Tony did a great job giving some history and bringing it up to speed with the present. His questions at the end are important: In my opinion the Yaak and surrounding forests are at risk from shortsighted management and over logging. These forests are more valuable as they stand in the present than any valley in California was last century. They are absolutely more valuable as they stand now than they are as lumber. While our community is rallying against the threat of wildfire, as it should, current timber policies on the forest don’t reduce fuels in the long run, and create massive openings that dry out the forest more quickly in the short term. The Kootenai has been a sacrifice zone in the past and after a short time of mostly thoughtful and sustainable logging, its back on the chopping block. Places like Black Ram and the Knotty Pine timber sales in the Yaak are not urban, and shouldn’t be managed as if they are. I would applaud a designation of Wildland/Rural interface, at least there would be some accuracy in the terminology. I am not against logging, but think that it could be done in a way that is sustainable, enhances wildlife habitat and helps protect our homes from wildfire. The Yaak Valley Forest Council has a visionary new proposal for a small part of the Yaak: Climate Refuge. What a climate refuge is remains to be seen, but its something that Rachel Carson, John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt would be working on if they were still around.

Submitted by Peter Leusch, Troy, Mont.

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